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Usually I handle the whole diabetes thing with sarcasm and jokes. Occasionally…erm, regularly stating some frustration. Today is different. Today I am sad. Today I am disappointed. Today I feel less. Today diabetes has brought on tears.

Sister Time

My sister and I don’t get to spend much time together. I work odd hours and haven’t been feeling great and she has a boyfriend, school and work. Last week after 8 days of planning we went to lunch and a movie. Then tonight we both had cancelled plans…so we went to dinner and a movie!

Dinner was delicious…we split a pulled pork sandwich with fries and Cheesecake Factory and each had a Passion iced tea. I ordered a piece of cheesecake to go…the plan is to nibble on it throughout the next few days. Mmmm! Yummy chocolate! Godiva cheesecake! Continue reading


I got my 7th piercing Wednesday…

New Piercing w/ Pump!

A navel piercing has always appealed to me. Though, I haven’t always felt the most comfortable with my tummy. I have NUMEROUS scars from my pump and a pretty short waist. But, I’m working on embracing who I am. Continue reading

Infusion Set Change #2 & Picture Time!

Since I have a new camera, I’ve been posting more pictures. Here are some from yesterday:

Scars and Bruises

The bruises are relatively new – thanks to the shelving at work. The scars were acquired in July 2009 – falling UP an escalator at the BART station in Millbrae. Continue reading

A Bruised Ear

I bruised my ear Sunday night. I also have hurt it on the inside somehow. It aches and throbs. This is my bruise. Obtained trying to get the water out of my apparently thirsty ear.

For the record, I have yet to meet anyone who has bruised their ear, so I consider this to be talent.

A Poem for Your Artsy Pleasure

I Love D Continue reading

Fish Out Of Water

…Now I’m a fish IN water.

Not a real fish. I have not developed fins and gills. But, I have a pump! A pump that swims! (It doesn’t have fins or gills either) But it’s water proof!!!

It’s wonderful to swim without a time limit. Saturday night was the first time, Sunday the second. I LOVE it. I’m still working on the right basal rate, with time I’m sure I’ll figure it out. …That and how to keep water out of my ear! Continue reading


Friday was a day of new…

New pump arrived!

AND…I got a new camera! What does a new camera mean? It means I have new pictures!!!

Groovy New Green Pump Continue reading

Becoming Diabetic

I’m becoming Diabetic. I’m getting my TWO brand new ADA Bank of America cards and my Animas pump.

When today comes and I use my new ADA check cards it doesn’t make me diabetic. What it does to is advertises my connection with diabetes. When you check out my hip you’ll get to see the pump…another diabetes indicator. I’ve had a pump for the last 4 years, so not a “NEW” thing (check cards aren’t all that new either, I’ve been using THOSE for ages). I DID change pump companies and will now be utilizing an Animas pump instead of Minimed. Continue reading

For Ashley

Tap Dancing Ovaries

For you. Love you bunches.

FYI – This is actually FOR Ashley, it’s not me talking to myself in the third person, promise!


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