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FU Blegh

FU = Follow Up 🙂

I wish I could say things went perfectly, but that would be a lie. Last night I was talking to a friend about his day. I said “Good things? Bad things? Entertaining things?” His response was “True”. Now, that was Not At All what I was getting at, but he was right. Every day consists of good, bad and entertaining. There are probably more parts to days, but that’s a basic list. So without further ado, a recap of November 24th…the day that should be removed from the calendar. (If anyone knows who I should contact about this, please let me know) Continue reading



Happy November 24th! It’s been a day I’ve dreaded for weeks. There are a number of factors contributing to my dread, almost none am I willing to discuss publicly. Before I get to my rant on today sucking, there ARE a few great things happening!

#1 – Happy 24th Birthday Janelle! I love and miss you.

#2 – It’s payday so I can go buy my insulin now.

#3 – I get to have the yummiest of meals with a good friend. Continue reading

A Father’s Gift: All In The Family Pt.3

A “good” life insurance policy. Yep, that’s my, my mom and my sister’s gift.

When I was diagnosed with T1 my family all but shunned me. Diabetes doesn’t run in our family. No one knew anything. My aunt’s father was T2 and she and my uncle all but stopped talking to my parents after my diagnosis. (I’m incredibly grateful for their trying to knock sense into my parents…even though it didn’t work) Continue reading

The Box

“The Box” has been sitting in my room for a week now, mostly untouched. Last weekend my great aunt and uncle had their 60th wedding anniversary party. My Aunt Norma gifted me with “The Box.” It is a collection of photographs my great grandma Leis had collected over the years and had in her trunk. She passed away last Fall, about a month before her 100th birthday.

Before I go on about “The Box” there are a couple things that need to be regarded:

No. 1 – My Aunt Norma and Uncle Matt have been married for SIXTY years! SIXTY! In 60 years I’ll be 83, to be honest, I seriously doubt I’ll live til I’m 83. Plus, I’m not planning on getting married in the next 3 and a half months, so even if I did live til 83 it’s doubtful I’ll have been married 60 years.

No. 2 – My great grandmother lived until she was 100…almost. 100! I hope I got her longevity genes. She lived a very difficult life. Nothing came easily to her. She had to work incredibly hard for everything she had in her life. When her youngest child was still a toddler she had to move into her 2nd oldest daughter and new husband’s house because her abusive alcoholic husband broke her youngest’s eardrum. She had 5 children, worked and had said husband (Grandpa Hank). (He eventually left and later remarried, so I suppose I have some other relatives out there in the world somewhere)

Back to “The Box”…

The pictures in the box are from my childhood and my father’s childhood. They’ve been really cool to go through. It’s sad how I’ve obtained them, but it’s cool to think of the years they’ve traveled.

Without further ado, “The Box”:

FunDay Friday!!!

So I am copying Chris‘ Friday gaming blog. Sort of…

I am not a gamer, and probably will never amount to much of one. I start out really good at games, and as I play I get worse…and worse…and worse. An example of this is Wii Sports. I LOVE Tennis, I started out and rather quickly made it up to Pro. Once I hit Pro I sucked, and not even just a little – I ended up back at beginner! How sad is that?!?! Continue reading


Okay, not that I need to spend much time on this…at all. But WHY do things/people happen?

Please don’t take me as a pessimist, I’m not. I would say an optimistic realist were more fitting.

Personally the whole theory that everything happens for a reason I feel is a cop out. It happened. Not to “teach” you something, not to punish you, not to build character. People and things happen, without reason. It’s your CHOICE to make it something positive. Your CHOICE to learn. Your CHOICE to allow the event/person build character.

Because I like lists:

#1: You should all read Michael J Fox’s book Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

#2: Liz is the best friend you could ask for and I miss her dearly

#3: Crystal is awEsome! Awesome doesn’t even fit, she’s awesome times 312

#4: I’m absolutely freezing

#5: Today I’m getting my very first filling…actually my first 6 – NOT excited…because I don’t like my numbers to be messed up, I’m adding #6 into #5 – Today I will not be disappointed…and if I DO happen to get disappointed please still love me even in my grumpiness

All In The Family: Freunde und Familien

So, on World Diabetes Day I asked my sister to write about what my diabetes meant to her. She actually read the post and tried to look up diabetes info. (Some of the stuff she said she learned didn’t make any sense…but I don’t know everything and it’s sweet she’s trying to learn)

I have something written about my father, but I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to publicly post that. What if I ask a question and don’t get an answer? Meh. Maybe later this week, after a few revisions.

My family is pretty complicated, but rather entertaining – usually only if you’re not involved though. AND my best friend, Liz, has been my family on more than one occasion and helped me see the entertainment value in my family many many times. Continue reading