The Late Night Band-Aid Adventure

As a diabetic I tend to go through bandages pretty quickly. That may actually be a cop out…I’m clumsy and cut/scrape/injure myself on a fairly regular basis. I get made fun of for my “mom-like” characteristics, as I carry bandages and Neosporin 90% of the time when I leave the house. Some of my bandages are used for diabetes related bleedings though, I use them when I pull out an infusion site.

If I were a more compliant pumping patient I would use one bandage (if I didn’t otherwise injure myself) every two days. Boxes of bandages range between 20-25 per box. So, I need replacements fairly often. And, really, who wants boring ones when you can have fun ones?!?! Not me!

When I got off work tonight I decided I would supplement my supply. I have been sporting Transformers bandages, but I felt I needed a little more variety. There are three late-night general stores near my work, so I went to all three looking for the best bandage options.

Stop #1: CVS – They didn’t have as much as I had expected. Though, they weren’t too bad. I didn’t purchase anything there, I was glad I didn’t…they ended up being the priciest location. Some of their bandages were $.23/bandage!

Stop#2 was supposed to be Safeway, but I accidentally missed the driveway.

Stop #2: Walgreen’s – I found the Sesame Street bandages! I felt it was necessary to support Sesame Street, who just celebrated their 40th birthday, and I bought them. They are SO cute! I used one already tonight…on a healing wound…and it was Count von Count aka The Count. While they didn’t have an extensive selection, it was more impressive than CVS and they had Sesame Street, I can’t complain. Also, they were the most reasonably priced of my three researched locations.

Stop #3: Safeway – I was astounded! They had a HUGE selection. Okay, not huge, but the largest I’ve seen. I left my wallet in the car when I parked because I had already found what I wanted and was only going for “research” purposes. I was definitely bummed that I didn’t bring it in. My next purchase will either be Scooby Doo or Spiderman, we’ll see. Their prices were fairly reasonable, and I’d pay the $.1-.2 more per bandage for the selection.

Safeway was the most difficult to take pictures in, they had three employees on the first aid aisle. I am completely okay with the lack of “coolness” I am admitting to by blogging about my bandage selection, I however am not so okay with photographing every bandage option in a store, in front of employees.

The one type of bandages I did not see were the DC Comics Band-Aids. I used to have them, but am all out and am pretty disappointed they’re no longer available. The excitement I have over my new Sesame Street bandages totally makes up for it though.

When you have to use so many bandages, why not make them fun?


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