Adventures In Hypoglycemia

First off let me start by saying, my insurance is a pain in the ass. I mentioned yesterday the “requirements” I must meet to upgrade my pump and get a CGM. I COULD try to get a CGM and just wait until my pump decides to die on its own. BUT, that would mean wearing two “pump-like” devices all the time. HECK NO, I have zero interest in doing that.

So, tonight I had a low at work…after being at 260-280 for almost three hours! I couldn’t get it down. I’d like to know what the hell the insulin was doing if it wasn’t lowering my sugars…. I guess it was just procrastinating in working because I ended up at 67. Well, 67 doesn’t cut it for my insurance. My 4-5 monthly “hypoglycemic” episodes must be below 50. So, I spent THREE damn hours low waiting for it to drop low “enough.” Enough, enough, enough…that’s just dumb. Anyway, I ended up at 41. Sadly I hadn’t eaten since 3pm and it was 1:30am, so I was pretty hungry. I’m nearly certain I messed up taking the insulin and will either be incredibly high or incredibly low. I kind of would like to stay awake to figure it out because I don’t like waking up high OR low. We’ll see it’s almost 4am already.

Between now and the end of December I’m pretty sure there will be a number of stories about my hypoglycemic adventures. The thing that sucks is that I have to test a lot more often, which means more strips, which means I don’t know if I’m given enough each month to deal with this insurance nonsense.

Tonight I felt like I was on a ship, rocking back and forth. I have balance issues to begin with (the neuropathy/neurontin thing), lows don’t help. I’m pretty sure that if someone offered me a million bucks to walk in a straight line, there would have been an 80% chance of failure. My handwriting was horrible and my ability to converse was somewhat inhibited.

I was in a bad mood most of the night at work, well battling a bad mood. Only because I was being  a stupid girl, so it was more frustrating that anything. Not only because of being a girl…my sugars were also really hight. But, when I had my low I tried really hard to be friendly because I know how hard it is to maintain civility when I’m low. I think I was more friendly, because I was overcompensating, low than I was the whole rest of my shift…oops.

I drove home from work at about 60. I didn’t want to correct, but I didn’t want to sit and wait at work for it to drop. It was a whole additional hour and a half after I got home that it was low enough. But, driving low is a pretty bad idea. Thankfully there weren’t many cars around, so there were fewer distractions. Still something I shouldn’t be doing though. I don’t entirely know how I’m going to get around it. A couple years ago my endo threatened (nicely and caringly) to take away my license if I couldn’t get rid of all my lows. I’d hate for that to happen.

On a completely unrelated note…Monday’s post is going to be FANTABULOUS.

On another completely unrelated note…what does a sore throat and bloody spit mean? I have a cough, but I’m not coughing up blood really, it’s just there coming from my throat. Not dried, bright pink/red. Sorry for the grossness of my spit and blood. :-/


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2 responses to “Adventures In Hypoglycemia

  • Crystal

    INsanity you have to go through hoops like this. Crap I tell ya, Crap. Insurance companies are The Suck.

    FANtabulous Monday coming. Woot! 😉

  • k2

    Between insurance companies, and the constant balancing act of life with Diabetes- we all deserve a million dollars- just for living life day in and day out. Screw the straight lines!
    Hang in there!

    RE: Bloody spit- maybe strep throat?

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