The Box

“The Box” has been sitting in my room for a week now, mostly untouched. Last weekend my great aunt and uncle had their 60th wedding anniversary party. My Aunt Norma gifted me with “The Box.” It is a collection of photographs my great grandma Leis had collected over the years and had in her trunk. She passed away last Fall, about a month before her 100th birthday.

Before I go on about “The Box” there are a couple things that need to be regarded:

No. 1 – My Aunt Norma and Uncle Matt have been married for SIXTY years! SIXTY! In 60 years I’ll be 83, to be honest, I seriously doubt I’ll live til I’m 83. Plus, I’m not planning on getting married in the next 3 and a half months, so even if I did live til 83 it’s doubtful I’ll have been married 60 years.

No. 2 – My great grandmother lived until she was 100…almost. 100! I hope I got her longevity genes. She lived a very difficult life. Nothing came easily to her. She had to work incredibly hard for everything she had in her life. When her youngest child was still a toddler she had to move into her 2nd oldest daughter and new husband’s house because her abusive alcoholic husband broke her youngest’s eardrum. She had 5 children, worked and had said husband (Grandpa Hank). (He eventually left and later remarried, so I suppose I have some other relatives out there in the world somewhere)

Back to “The Box”…

The pictures in the box are from my childhood and my father’s childhood. They’ve been really cool to go through. It’s sad how I’ve obtained them, but it’s cool to think of the years they’ve traveled.

Without further ado, “The Box”:


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