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It’s been too long once again. So, I will updayte. Except since it has been a while I’ll be upweeking you.

Work at 24 Hour Fitness is exciting as ever. Nothing too new there. I “might” be transferring to days. I would LOVE to be on a day schedule. The only reason it’s not for sure is they have to check and see how many hours they can give me during the day. I should know this week. I think I should get some good work news. Continue reading


WordPress is refusing to let me upload my diaper cake pictures. I swear, they’ll come one day. And they’re TOtally worth the wait.

So, here are a few pictures from my hike with my dad a few weeks ago. (Before we had our snow) Continue reading

Well, there goes a week & see where I went

And to think…I was doing SO well about blogging.

I hope I’m back on the wagon and ready to go. Just a sidenote, why is being on the wagon such a good thing but being on the band wagon is so horrible? Yes, a random question, but a valid one. If you’d like to explain I’d love to hear.

So, in my week without a blog I have lived a lot (well just as much as all of you), slept a lot (more than usual…but still not enough), ate some (though not much on Thanksgiving), attempted being motivated and lied to myself. Continue reading


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