It’s been too long once again. So, I will updayte. Except since it has been a while I’ll be upweeking you.

Work at 24 Hour Fitness is exciting as ever. Nothing too new there. I “might” be transferring to days. I would LOVE to be on a day schedule. The only reason it’s not for sure is they have to check and see how many hours they can give me during the day. I should know this week. I think I should get some good work news.

On Friday I went to the eye doctor. I have absolutely NO, as in ZERO, retinopathy. The ophthalmologist was shocked, he expected to at least see some, since I have neuropathy. I am grateful for the news. Every time I go to the doctor it seems like I get some form of bad news. This appointment was no exception (but at least no retinopathy). My eyes can’t get along. My feeling is that they’re just jealous of each other and want to be my main eye. …really they can’t get along. One eye sees, the other eye sees and then they can’t fuse together the image. Typically this happens when your eyes are unaligned. THANK GOODNESS I have aligned eyes. They’re just special. I have to take an additional “stereo test” when I pick up my “hip” new glasses sometime before the end of the year. I was promised to have them by December 31st. I’m pretty excited…about the new glasses, not the test. When I receive said new glasses I will, of course, post pictures. Well, unless they look bad on me…which is entirely possible since I was half blind while picking them out. BUT, that would have been rather cruel of the lady to let me get something that looked bad on me. We’ll see soon!

I have yet to hike since the last…stupid winter rain. AND snow. The snow is all gone, but it still hasn’t dried out enough to hike.

Saturday I made a one hour trek to Valley Fair Mall in San Jose, CA. I completed most of my Christmas shopping in one store, made a pit stop at GAP and headed to work. I got a coffee at Starbucks before my shift. Halfway through my shift I got a sore throat. Odd, I thought, but perhaps it was from the iced coffee. By the end of the shift my throat was on FIRE. Not literally, but close. I had promised myself I would go work out after work…after some conversations with myself I was convinced and went. My knee also hurt, I think I had twisted it. While I was working out (cardio and legs) I changed the alignment of my left leg to help alleviate the pain in my knee. (BAD idea…). I went home, felt awful, had a slight fever and a fiery throat. Every year, two Sundays before Christmas, my family gets together with all the extended family for a dinner and Christmas celebration, I decided it was best to stay home and try to feel better. Round about 3pm I had gotten bored of my recuperating plan and took my parent’s dog for a walk. This was a bad idea for a number of reasons. Mainly, my knee was hurt and that it had been raining all day and there was no way to tell if it had finished. I limped most of the walk, 3-5miles, and we got caught in the rain about 2/3 of the way through the walk. We were soaked by the time we got home.

Fast forward to Monday, I was definitely sick. Had to go to a meeting in San Jose and felt pretty awful. Unfortunately there was no way around the meeting so I sucked it up. It was stressful and we got nowhere. I was home by 2pm and took an hour nap between 5 and 6pm. By the time I had to leave for work I was feeling pretty terrible. I couldn’t call in, I had called in the week before because of a migraine, had to ask for Sunday night off because of Monday’s meeting and couldn’t afford to cut 14hours out of my weekly schedule. One member at the gym gave me Halls. A friend came and surprised me, which I SO appreciated…even though he threatened to throw away my tea. Multiple members offered their tried and true remedies for sickness. One member gave me Theraflu and another cold med. One member told me I did not have a cold, looked awful and needed to see a doctor…I promised him if I wasn’t better by the end of the week I’d call. By the end of my shift I was squawking and felt horrendous. I was supposed to have a meeting at school, but cancelled on the account of how terrible I felt.

Tonight I had quite the accomplishment…I showered, dried my hair, dressed AND went out to eat. I barely survived the whole endeavor and almost cancelled my dinner plans because the whole prepping process took a lot out of me, but the important part is that I DID survive.

Now to my projection…I will be well by Thursday. Why, you ask? Because I say so. I feel quasi-okay (which I am sure is because I am sitting at a computer in bed and haven’t done anything in 4 hours, but nevermind that). I’m not sure I’ll be 100% by Thursday, but I’m projecting that I’ll be fully functional by then. If I’m not I’ll head back to CVS for a new round of cold remedies.

As far as colds/sicknesses…if anyone has any suggestions for treatment, please share!

And as far as my knee/leg…I can hardly walk. The left calf has a HUGE knot in it. I’ve tried massage and heat and have gotten no where. If I’m on it for a good 20 minutes I can walk with a minor limp. If I sit or stop using it for any length of time it goes back to a BIG limp. Between my leg, head, sinuses, raw nose and back I’m quite the mess. One day I’ll feel better. (That’s for you Crystal)


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One response to “Projection

  • Crystal

    One day (definitely Not today) it will Not be windy.
    True, eh.


    I hate that you are sick and in pain. Keep resting. Do what you know works for you. Then if you don’t get better, call the Doc. Mkay? Alright.


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