Monthly Archives: January 2010

My Diabetic Lifestyle

It’s an AWEsome one! Every single day is the best! It seems to be all the rage in magazines and health media. Come one, join in!

If you too, want a “diabetic lifestyle” this is what you must do: Continue reading


Saturday, You Sucked. Monday, You Rocked…ish

Well, Friday night I decided I wanted cake. Problem #1 with this cake idea is that cake is unhealthy. Problem #2 with the cake idea is that my sugars have taken a sidekick as of late, his name is shitty…shitty sugars. Knowing full well the VAST amount of fat in chocolate cheesecake, I took my insulin 20 mins before eating, with the second portion of insulin coming in an hour. I didn’t verify my carb count prior to eating the cheesecake, figured I’d take a guess and adjust when I got home. I ate my half a piece, put it in the fridge and felt like death. Continue reading

Diabetes & Disability…Again

Saturday is a busy day. Staff meeting at 1p, work at 6p, working out at some point and a meeting with Dogs 4 Diabetics at 10a.

In 2008 I toyed with the idea of getting a service dog, though my paperwork fell through the cracks and I didn’t press the topic. With the onslaught of recent scary lows and the crazy expenses of a CGMS, I decided to re-evaluate the idea. Continue reading

Low, Low, Low

Sunday was quite the day. My sugars were below 50 all day until about 12am Monday morning. It was a mess.

Had to call into work because I work by myself and really, I couldn’t even drive – safely.

Diabetes is never easy. Rarely behaves. And is always a pain in the ass to have.  Continue reading