Becoming Diabetic

I’m becoming Diabetic. I’m getting my TWO brand new ADA Bank of America cards and my Animas pump.

When today comes and I use my new ADA check cards it doesn’t make me diabetic. What it does to is advertises my connection with diabetes. When you check out my hip you’ll get to see the pump…another diabetes indicator. I’ve had a pump for the last 4 years, so not a “NEW” thing (check cards aren’t all that new either, I’ve been using THOSE for ages). I DID change pump companies and will now be utilizing an Animas pump instead of Minimed.

When the bank lady offered the cards, I really hadn’t cared about having an organization attached to my bank card. The simple blue, silver and red were fine for me. The lady had discovered I’m a diabetic through another transaction. She was actually very cute about the whole thing and was ecstatic to have found a diabetes organization in their catalog. Honestly, I haven’t done much with the ADA or any large diabetic organization. She seemed so excited about it, it cost me and her nothing, ADA gets a few cents when I use my card, so what the hell. The cards came in the mail yesterday, I just activated them. So now, every time I pull out my card people will see that either I, my mother, father, sister, brother or even grandfather have diabetes. If they connect it’s me…then they’ll see I am not following “rules” and buying a cookie…whenever it is that happens.

The pump! I’m stoked! It’ll be a new look and a new way to do things, but I’m so excited! 🙂 It would have come Thursday, but had a delay with all the snow in the East Coast. If I can’t finish reading about it, I’ll def bring it to work with me! 🙂 Green is definitely a different look from the gray/clear option I’m sporting now.

So tomorrow I’m becoming a LEGIT diabetic, D credit card and a brand new BRIGHTER pump. Now all I need is my service dog. (Hopefully this summer)

Happy Friday!


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I am a lot of things...a Californian, a T1 diabetic, a Crohn's pt, a daughter, friend, former athlete, forever student, blogger, worker, and most of all life-embracer. That sounds corny...but I'll leave it. I'm just your average 24 y/o girl with a story to tell. View all posts by smashleeca

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