Friday was a day of new…

New pump arrived!

AND…I got a new camera! What does a new camera mean? It means I have new pictures!!!

Groovy New Green Pump
Success! It finally went in!!
BEST meter graphic ever!

I’m not very good at following or reading instructions. I hastily started my pump (though I DO have experience pumping, just not with Animas). After trying to insert the cannula MORE than once with the needle protector still in place, I was good to go. When I first saw what I thought was the cannula I felt it was SO much larger than the Minimed. It is not in fact larger, it was just the protector I was judging. Oddly, it wasn’t TOO painful trying to shoot a needle protected needle and cannula into my stomach. I was so proud afterward.

Knowing Friday nights are pretty slow at the gym, I brought the instruction manual for my pump, which is HUGE and the book for the camera. I’m on page 77 of the pump manual…and finished the camera one. The pump manual has 233 pages!! Can you believe it?!?!

The new camera photographs my tattoos a MILLION times better than my old one did, so here are new pics of those:


And more random photos:

Collection of key cards…need to get rid of some
Who doesn’t love Splenda?!?
SOCKS! (I’m lucky if they ever match)
Old work shirt…SO comfortable, and cute!

Today I also went to go see Valentine’s Day with my little sister. It wasn’t a great movie (but who expects greatness from a Valentine’s romantic comedy, really?!?), but it was cute. Ashton Kutcher’s character was SO lovable and adorable. We also got lunch. It was my first meal with my new pump. It took three tries before I was able to get the combo bolus to work (I had a burger with some fries), but the aftermath was success! I think I ended up at 119. Woot! She also got a matching camera. Aren’t we cute??

Work was uneventful. Friday night is not much of a workout night for people in the gym area. Most of our members are in their 20s and tend to go out on Friday and Saturday nights. The busiest I got was filling out a form to freeze a friend’s account. It takes about 2 minutes to fill out. (Obviously NOT thrilling)

Being that I was at work and went to lunch and a movie Friday afternoon, I missed the reports of the death of the Georgian Olympian, Nodar Kumaritashvili and the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. When I got home I looked up the article. Such a sad and terrific event. My heart goes out to each of the Olympians who lost a competitor and friend. A very sad way to start the 2010 Olympic Games, but it was beautiful to see the Games dedicate the ceremonies to the fallen athlete. The Olympics inspire sportsmanship, patriotism and a spirit of unity…beautiful.


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