Infusion Set Change #2 & Picture Time!

Since I have a new camera, I’ve been posting more pictures. Here are some from yesterday:

Scars and Bruises

The bruises are relatively new – thanks to the shelving at work. The scars were acquired in July 2009 – falling UP an escalator at the BART station in Millbrae.

Paper (?) Cut

It’s a bit challenging to see, but the cut is right in the knuckle crease. I could have gotten this from a piece of paper, but frankly, I have absolutely no idea how it happened.

Need to STOP!

There are a few reasons I need to stop picking at my nails – 1) It’s unattractive 2) It makes my fingers look manly 3) “the main reason” It hurts. I swear, one day I’ll stop. Until then, I will have the smaller version of my father’s hands.

Haircut/Eyebrows/Sleepy @ 2:30am

Please excuse the lack of “togetherness” in this photo. The only reason I post it, despite the lack of attractive appeal, is I got my bangs trimmed, my hair trimmed and my eyebrows shaped…for $10 last night! Now, in the photo I have bed-head and funky looking bangs…I swear when I’m not half asleep and my hair is brushed it all looks decent.

Now on to the REAL story…

Infusion Set Change

Yesterday at work I changed my Ping set for the second time. YES, I know you’re supposed to change every 2-3 days and I waited 5, but I’m all for cost effective. Anyhow, I’ve been on a pump since December 2005 so I’m not completely new to the whole process of pumping…just to Animas. At work my primary responsibility is to check people in as they come into the gym. It usually doesn’t even phase me to inject insulin, change sites, fill cartridges, etc. I’ve even been known to pull up my shirt on a number of occasions to show people my site. (They ask to see where the pump connects, I swear. I don’t pull up my shirt randomly, I promise!)

My pump ran out of insulin just as we were starting to get our after work rush. I was totally prepared, brought all my supplies and insulin…including alcohol wipes, band-aids and Neosporin! Step 1 – Disconnect from pump. Not a problem whatsoever. Step 2 – Rewind. Check! Step 3 – Fill new cartridge. Not a huge problems, air bubbles kept plaguing me, but I ended up using the rest of the insulin vial and not needing to open the new one! SCORE! Step 4 – Insert infusion site. PROBLEMS! Thank you a million times over to Crystal! Unwound the tubing, pulled off the needle protector (yay! I remembered), pulled back the inserter, undid the sticky tape, shot the tubing in my tummy…and couldn’t remember how to get the needle OUT! While this was happening members kept walking in the club. So, I pulled down my shirt…with the needle and round inserter still attached to my tummy…it was a fairly large bump under my shirt. As I was checking the members in and ringing up the products for others I quickly called Crystal for some help. She gladly assisted, and I pulled the needle out. (Just like you pull out the needle with Minimed, you pull out the needle with Animas…who knows why I had an issue remembering this) Unfortunately leaving the needle in for 5+ minutes made the site a little sore and the old site was bloody (not bad, but still bloody)…my stomach itched for a good 3 hours afterward.

Next time, I WILL change my site without issue, I swear. I CAN do it!! (Nike told me so…well, sort of)


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