Sister Time

My sister and I don’t get to spend much time together. I work odd hours and haven’t been feeling great and she has a boyfriend, school and work. Last week after 8 days of planning we went to lunch and a movie. Then tonight we both had cancelled plans…so we went to dinner and a movie!

Dinner was delicious…we split a pulled pork sandwich with fries and Cheesecake Factory and each had a Passion iced tea. I ordered a piece of cheesecake to go…the plan is to nibble on it throughout the next few days. Mmmm! Yummy chocolate! Godiva cheesecake!

We finished dinner around 8pm and decided to see a movie at 9:35pm, only a 10 min drive from dinner. So, we wandered the mall. Papyrus had a sale on stationary. I am a card ADDICT! Sets were buy 1 get 1 half off, I got two boxes. One is a flower (bright yellow, black and silver) and the other is a paisley-ish design (black, white, purple and green). Total of 45 cards!! A steal if you ask me! Then we headed to Victoria’s Secret to see if they had any good bra sales. They did not. We looked at bras for those less blessed than the two of us and identified the styles we liked for ourselves. GAP had a sale sign in their window. Neither one of us has been very impressed with the styles GAP has had to offer over the last year, but it’s always worth a look, right? They had a dark green shirt with a brown, black and blue elephant on the front on sale. They only had two left…both size Medium. I’ve always been an XL or a L, but I figured I’d give it a try since I liked it so much. IT FIT!!! So not only did I get a cute top, ON sale, I was able to get a smaller size!

We finished up at the mall by 8:30pm (I’m not a big fan of shopping…it requires too much patience for me). So I took Lindsey (my sister) to CVS to pick up some sugar (took too much insulin for dinner) and Liquid Bandage for my navel ring so that I can swim laps at the gym.

Surprisingly for us we arrived at the theater 30 mins before the showtime. Only to find out Fandango lied to us and there wasn’t a showtime again until 10:40pm. So we decided on When In Rome at 10pm and headed to Barnes and Noble to kill some time. While I do not like shopping in general…send me to a bookstore and I could spend HOURS there. Hours upon hours. I found 3 new reads after only looking in A’s, B’s, I’s and J’s…I stopped looking after that. I don’t have a great deal of money and three is sufficient. I’ve been looking for a new book to read for the last couple months, I’m so happy to have found a few!

It’s so nice to spend time with Lindsey. It happens so rarely now that we’re older and have our own individual lives. We’re both VERY different people, so our activities are not often the same.

Here is a picture of the two of us after dinner tonight: (I was lazy and spent 10mins getting ready to go out with her…I swear I can look decent)


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