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Change Strange

Changes are a comin’!

I go on vacation and WOW! Totally have missed the blogging wagon.

Vacation went like this:

Day 1 – Arrive at 2am, sleep, went to get a pedicure after Liz got home from work

Day 2 – Go shopping with Liz, go shopping with Beverly (her mom), have dinner, pick up groceries and visit CVS (for my Ambien)  with Beverly and go to sleep pretty early (felt like I was getting sick)

Day 3 – SICK! Also Liz banned me from taking Ambien, she accused me of getting to “handsy” in my sleep – oops. Got a hair cut and went back to my natural blonde, tried to get to a pole dancing class but got horribly lost in Newport Beach and was late anyway b/c of the hair appointment…arrived 10 minutes before Liz and Kristen finished. After the class I got Chick-Fil-A (the BEST fast food place ever!!!) and headed to Vons to load up on cold meds

Day 4 – Glen Ivy Spa all day and a nap in the sun. Then I met the one and only Ninjabetic! AKA George at Red Robin and ate the best cheese sticks on the planet….according to him, I can’t say I disagree. Liz and I planned to go out for St. Patrick’s Day…instead we went to bed early.

Day 5 – DISNEYLAND!!! It was only for a few hours, but a blast! Saw the Aladdin show, which was incredible. Watched Disney Playhouse (with Paige, Liz’s 2.5 y/o niece). Rode Pirate’s of the Caribbean, in memory of my grandfather. Went to the Haunted Mansion. Took the train. Watched Captain EO, Michael Jackson’s 3D show from the 80’s. Then we returned some things at the mall. (Liz and I HATE malls…we were there a LOT that week lol) THEN…SPEED DATING!!! Then dancing at a gay club in West Hollywood – a definite adventure. More on all that later.

Day 6 – I took residence on the couch and exercised the DVR. The only time I left the house that day was to pick up Chinese takeout. Had to call into work too and let them know I wouldn’t be able to work the next day because I was too sick to drove 6hrs home.

Day 7 – Took a boat ride the Newport Harbor with Liz’s father and his wife and his parents. We also had lunch.

Day 8 – Moved some stuff out of Liz’s house…well, stuff got moved out. Then I got a birthday cake!!!! Courtesy of Ann, Liz’s sister. Paige, Beverly and I decorated Paige’s new “big girl” bed with Disney Princess decals. Had a lovely dinner and was sang to by the cutest toddler EVER! I despise people singing Happy Birthday to me…but you couldn’t help but love it when Paige sang, so deliberately and excitedly. Decided to drive back Monday morning before work instead of overnight Sunday.

Day 9 – Drove home, changed, ate, went to work.

The first couple of shifts at work were MISERABLE! Had to deal with a theft, banned members, angry people…it was a hot mess. Things have finally sorted themselves out…or are at least starting to, but we’ve lost ¾ of our sales team. Eeek!

So these MAJOR changes…

Right before I left for Southern California I had an interview with Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland, for a 6 month internship. On Day 4 I spoke with the head of the department and he said he’d know later on during the week. Day 5 brought me a voicemail saying I hadn’t gotten the April internship, but I was the top choice for the one starting in the summer.

Last week I got an email from the Salmon-Challis National Forest in Idaho asking me if I was still interested in an internship there, starting 4/20. I emailed back and said I most definitely was interested. She wanted to schedule an interview for this week…it was yesterday at 10:30am and lasted just over an hour. When you apply for these positions you don’t have to give a medical disclaimer or anything, so we had a discussion regarding T1 and what that would look like in such a rural setting. She said she’d talk to the medical release person, then the medical insurance person to see what they’d cover for me and keep me informed and they’d have their final decision Thurs/Fri. Ten minutes after the interview, I got a call from the medical release guy, we had a great conversation. Discussed my management/pumps/syringes/limitations/awareness/life with D. This morning I got another email, I’m cleared on the medical front…now they have to talk to my references and need to want me there.

On Monday I also spoke with a local regional park. The position would be much more permanent, but there are such benefits with going elsewhere. My resume and application are being passed along to the park supervisor and I’ll know within two weeks if I get an interview. This is the 2nd stage, as HR had to approve me to pass it on to the actual park.

Now that I’ve rambled long enough, I’ll stop here. Next time I’ll share about speed dating and dancing in West Hollywood!


Happy Birthday to Me

Today’s the day. I am officially 24.  So in the spirit of “another year gone by”…here’s a recap of 23:

-Grandpa died (3/13)

-Got 1st (3/13) & 2nd tattoos & 5th/6th, 7th & 8th piercings

-Got dumped on the day of my Grandpa’s funeral (April)

-Was diagnosed with the start of neuropathy (June) & started taking meds for them (September-ish) Continue reading

Oh Crap

So, that last post…yeah, that was depressing. Sorry guys. Diabetes can do that sometimes I guess.

Here’s the quick re-cap on what happened: Continue reading