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To the Land of Potatoes

In six short hours I will be making my way to the San Francisco airport and will be flying first to Denver, catching a connecting flight and heading to Idaho. I honestly almost don’t believe it. I think it might be because I cannot quite visualize myself there, as I’ve never been. I’m absolutely thrilled to be taking this adventure. Slightly scared, but still very excited.

Diabetes is very much a part of who I am, how I see myself and even how I define myself. It’s one of the first things I share with people I meet, purely because it’s so much of my life. But I think there are times I allow my diabetes to take too much control, instill too much fear and become too much of a guide. My trip to Idaho is a big way for me to tell diabetes to go screw itself.

Okay, maybe not that extreme. But I’m choosing to do something I’ve been so afraid to do since I was diagnosed. I’m not letting my fear guide my decision making and my life choices. Yes, I am trying to be WAY prepared. And bringing books on rate changes and activity effects on sugar levels. …this trip is a lot of work. I spent over $100 at Target on hypoglycemic remedies. Can you believe that!?!?! So I’m not really telling diabetes to shove it, but I’m making it work for me, in the choices I want to make.

Don’t get me wrong, it scares me. What happens if I’m constantly low the whole first week? What happens if I run out of low supplies? What if I don’t get my pump shipment? How much will I need to bring with me? But, I am trying my best to be as prepared as possible and am working with my supervisors on what we’ll have at base, what activities will be safest and wisest for me.

Today was a crazy day. After cleaning and packing all night, I went to bed at 6:30am. Around 12pm I got up and by 1pm my sister and I left the house to drop the cat off at the groomer. I made an appointment for my dog to see the vet and get vaccinated, we hunted for a cat collar, we went to lunch, we looked for a cat collar again, we got pedicures, looked for a cat collar some more, bought a cat collar, picked up the dog…took the 2nd dog too, I got dragged around the store by two dogs while Lindsey (sister) took care of the cat. Rawley peed all over the nurse…twice. Wore a muzzle. Released “anal glands.” (I don’t exactly know what that means…but it means the room we were in smelled HORRIBLE). Clawed up my new tattoo (did I mention that yet?), clawed up my legs (wore a skirt…oops), clawed all up my arms (should have kept the jacket on) and then clawed all over my chest (maybe a turtleneck would have been more suitable). Sophie kept getting hit in the head by the door and trying to leave the room. Finished the exams and shots. Got dragged by the dogs some more. Paid for everything (my damn dog is expensive). Picked up the cat. Looked at shampoos and toys. Picked out a toy. Purchased a toy. The clerk asked to give the dogs a cookie…Rawley promptly pooped as she offered. Clearly he didn’t think much of the woman’s cookie. Got dragged to the cleaning station. Picked up a bag. Dragged back to the poop. Picked it up. Dragged back to the station. Got the disinfectant and papertowels. Dragged back to the accident. Cleaned it up some more. Dragged back to the station. Attempted to disinfect my hands while being dragged out of the store by two very uncoordinated dogs.

Arrived home just in time to change clothes (which were covered in dog) and head out to dinner with Matt. At this point I was beyond exhausted. Went to dinner, which was fun…it was noted that I looked a bit “beat.” In other words, I look like crap and should probably get some sleep…it wasn’t rude by any means, I just know I look like crap and need some sleep. It was nice to do something fun before leaving…even though I looked half dead.

And now it’s time to finish up…I mean with my bags and my cleaning…but in order to do that I need to finish my blog too, ha! There may be a shower in order for me, definitely some cleaning and a bit more packing (including my laptop). Hopefully I’ll be able to keep you posted with the happenings of Potato-land, in both relation to diabetes and everything else. And there will most definitely be pictures…if I can upload them 🙂

Until next time! (Which will be from my new home…or a hotel room in Boise)

Oh, and even though Rawley was a big pain in the ass, he really loves his new toy.


This is Exciting

Wow! I can write a blog from my phone without any special app! Very exciting!

Once again I’ve been inconsistent with my updating. Not that it’s a valid excuse at all, but March and April have been crazy. Before April even started I felt like it was over.

March 13-21: Southern CA
March 22-28: still sickish/back to reality
March 29-April 2: work for dad/work @ my job/interview for an internship/get offered internship/accept internship/ start preparing to leave

Now I’m inn AZ & I leave for Idaho on the 20th. Just so crazy