Monthly Archives: May 2010

Idaho Update

Well, Idaho started pretty rough for me. Day 2 of the program I was in the hospital for about 30 hours. It sucked. I had tonsillitis (I’ve been on antibiotics since 4/22 and am on my second and hopefully last round). My sugars were way over 500 when I woke up at 1:00am and I walked a few miles to the hospital from my hotel. They eventually admitted me and I stayed overnight. …If I had been high and knew why I wouldn’t have gone to the hospital…when I woke up I called my on-call doctor in CA because I felt HORRIBLE. SOO bad. She advised me to head into the ER. I’m glad I did, being that I had such a nasty infection. (My throat had been bothering me for a good week prior…I just ignored it). NOTE TO SELF: Don’t ignore things like that again.

I’m currently in the midst of WFR (wilderness first responder) training. It’s pretty intense…but WAY informational. Tonight we have our first night session. I’m a little nervous, but also pretty excited.

Food has been a little rough, it’s SO high carb…and very high fat. But, I’m adjusting. I had a BAD low a couple days ago. It took a few hours to get it out of the 50s, but it eventually came up.

It’s been snowing for a week and a half, yesterday was beautiful, as was this morning. Though, it’s been pouring for the last several hours. (Just in time for our first night session).

We live about two hours out of town. It’s odd how easy it has been to adapt. No TV, rarely internet, rarely phones, far from a grocery store/restaurant/anything, a TON of dirt road, ticks, mice, mud, snow, community living, dirty clothes (all the time)…I don’t really realize how much we’re NOT doing what “normal” society does until I put some thought into it.

We aren’t allowed to upload pictures during the day, only 12am-5am…so I’ll post some when I can. Honestly, it probably won’t be any time soon. My Idaho bedtime is about 9:30p. (Which is going to be broken tonight, sadly).

I’ll try to be better about sitting down to write (sorry I sound like a broken record with this)…but I really promise. Until next time…