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More Exciting

…to me than you, I’m sure.

I got a new app on my phone! Now I can blog mobiley!! 🙂 Perhaps this means I’ll blog with more regularity.



Man Oh Man!

Should I just stop apologizing for my lack of attention given to my blog as of late? I do feel bad, which is why I feel the need to apologize. But at the same time, I’m clearly not paying any more attention to it than the previous post. I am hoping living in the middle of a forest is a legitimate excuse.

Since my last post, SO many things have happened. Granted, living hours from civilization may make my exciting happenings far less exciting to you, my few, if any left readers.

I have successfully driven over the mountainous dirt road on more than one occasion. It’s full of nasty driving conditions, but I did it! On the topic of driving, I drove 4.5 hours to Montana last Friday, drove in Montana and then drove the 4.5 hours back home. We left at 7:40am and returned at 12:45am…it was a LONG day.

Why? you ask, was I crazy enough to drive to a different state and back in one day. I had a doctor appointment. Yes, in this part of the country you drive THAT far to get to a specialist. Nope, not my endo (though he’s in Montana too). I went to the ENT doc. He told me I have good looking ears. What a compliment if I’ve ever heard one! We also discussed me having my tonsils removed. He emphatically (one of my favorite words) informed me that 4% of people getting tonsillectomies have “bleeding incidents.” He also seemed to think that was a seriously significant number and told me I need to stay overnight in Montana the night of the surgery so that I won’t need to be heli-vacked out when and if I do have a said “incident.” We scheduled the surgery, my options were the end of August (and NO way do I want to deal with these throat problems that long) or the following Thursday. SO, I’m checking into the hospital at 6a on Thursday morning, will be there until about Noon, stay the night in Missoula and my father will drive me home. That’s the other part! My boss needs to drive to Boise on Thursday (the opposite direction) and the rest of my coworkers are on hitch…so they’re not available to take me either. The hospital requires I be under someone’s care after surgery, so my father is flying out tomorrow morning. After he flies into Salt Lake City – isn’t that in Utah and aren’t you in Idaho and aren’t you going to Montana? Yep, it sure is – he’ll drive the 5.5 hours up to Salmon, ID, meet me at our one and only grocery store and then we’ll drive up to Montana – another 2.5 hour drive. THEN, I’ll have my last meal, which I’ve already planned…and will be taking a picture of and then sharing.

Moving on…I cleaned my house today and finally survived a day without a nap. I know that sounds shockingly ridiculous. But I’ve been under the weather for way too long and been so wiped out. The house, is lovely when it’s clean. Still very out of date in its appearance, but so nice to have it clean. None of my roommates seem to care one way or the other how it looks or what it’s like, thankfully it is a small house and I can do it on my own without too much effort.

Oh! I remember my other exciting news! My coworker, Stephanie, and I ran away from a bear a couple weeks ago. We were working, doing an area and suddenly heard this cry/growl…a baby bear crying for its mama. We stopped, listened and waited. The noise didn’t stop…so we did. We promptly made our way to the highway, walking an extra mile and a half around to the next bridge over the river to avoid a baby bear and its mother.

And I’m being published! Okay, it’s not all that exciting and I don’t think it really counts. BUT I wrote an article for the newsletter of the company I am working with about an event I attended in, you guessed it, Montana. (I have been there a lot lately) It’s not a terribly exciting article, but still, I guess it could be seen as impressive.

It’s 7:30p now and I really only came to the office (the only place we have internet) because one of my coworkers out on hitch called and needed to talk to me. I have successfully wasted significant time on Facebook, Twitter and now blogging (which isn’t a waste of time at all). Though, I have yet to pack for tomorrow’s work…or for the surgery or have dinner or pack tomorrow’s lunch or make up my father’s bed…so I should probably make my way to the kitchen and my house.

If you think about it, please keep positive thoughts for decent sugars before the surgery (no food/drink after midnight the night before, so no low corrections and no anesthesia, hence no surgery if I’m too high).