Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Okay, that’s lightening…but still, I can’t believe how quickly I’m trying to pull together a move! I can’t even begin to tell how crazy this week has been. The last 3 days have felt like at least two weeks. I’m dead serious. I can’t believe it.

Everything is packed except what I plan to wear and use on the drive home. It’s crazy. I booked stays at three different hotels…in two different states. The Postal Service will now start forwarding all my mail. I have doctor and class appointments in California for next week. It’s moving so quickly.

My family can’t decide who is coming, who is staying in California and where we’re staying in Ogden, UT. It may be my father coming out. It may be my mother. It may be my mother, father and dog, Rawley. We still have no timing figured out for meeting on Saturday morning/afternoon. The inability to commit to a plan is driving me crazy. I don’t think I’d care all that greatly if I weren’t the one trying to take care of their accommodations and work on getting things set on this side.

One of my roommates unexpectedly came home last night. All three of them were supposed to be back today. None of them knew I was moving. Last I saw them, I didn’t know I was moving! When Joe got home I apologized for the mess and told him the house was in its current state because I was moving. He was a bit shocked; to say the least. I’m honestly NOT looking forward to telling everyone I’m leaving. Half of them will be home today and the rest tomorrow. Our “community meeting” will be tomorrow. My hope is to announce it there. But, does my leaving even warrant an announcement? I want to tell everyone…but I don’t want to be self-centered either. Who knows, I’ll figure something out.

Last night I baked FOUR cakes. I made Ashley’s recipe! Either today, most likely tomorrow, I will be making a filling and frosting (from a different recipe). Then we can have them for our group dinner on Thursday night. Sadly though, Jackie won’t be staying for dinner and her birthday is today. Since everyone’s not here today, I’d like to wait for tomorrow. I’m thinking of maybe serving the cake prior to the meeting and that way Jackie can enjoy as well. Or, I may just give her a piece beforehand…

I can’t decide if my productivity level is so high because a stress has been relieved or if it’s due to being under stress. I also have no idea why my sugars are running SERIOUSLY low. Especially since the last week has been a battle (one I haven’t begun to win) with HIGH sugars. What happened to NORMAL sugars? Oh wait…when you have a retarded pancreas you don’t get to have “normal” sugars.

Yesterday I saw my doctor in town. She strongly believes going to California will be a good thing. She feels they’ll be able to figure out and treat whatever’s going on much better there. I have no qualms with the treatment I’ve received here. But, I suppose California physicians have quite a few more resources on hand than those in rural Idaho. (Is it even necessary to specify rural?) No test results have been received, they should have them by next week. One of the blood tests they took over the weekend leaked “in transport.” Thankfully my doctor called the lab to follow up on the tests, so they told her then. I went over to the lab following my appointment and they took two vials…just in case. The lab tech also told me the story of his wife leaving him. (Why do people like to tell me these stories?)

I still feel pretty crappy. I constantly feel nauseous. And my stomach hates me. BUT, I am trying to look at it positively. In just one week I’ll be one step closer to figuring all this out. Okay, in EIGHT days…when I’ll see my new CA gastroenterologist. I also need to find an endocrinologist and primary care physician. Oh! And I need a neurologist who does nerve conduction studies, since I’ll be missing my appointment in Montana next week. My doctor here feels it’s most important to see the gastroenterologist and then I can figure out the rest. At least I’m on top of the immediate needs! I made a call to a local endocrinologist yesterday, but had to leave a message. I was only able to call during their lunchtime. I may follow up today. As far as primary care is concerned…I haven’t liked any of mine until I was out here in Idaho. I’m not looking forward to that search.

Whichever family member or members are coming out this weekend and I will be returning to California on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Wednesday I’ll be seeing my school counselor to set my classes. THEN in the afternoon I’ll be getting my hair cut. Thursday is gastroenterology day! WooHoo! May as well start young, right? I mean colon cancer runs in my family…I could just say I’m being proactive?

Yesterday I had a late lunch and was absolutely exhausted by the time I sat in the restaurant. Since I was sitting I decided to call the gastroenterologist…Just as they started asking me about my needs and symptoms, my waiter placed my food in front of me. There’s nothing like discussing a colonoscopy and why you need one in front of a decent looking male waiter as he places food in front of you. Ha! Whoops! I first tried to be nonspecific and “appropriate”…then I decided I didn’t really care. But, I did feel a little bad for the other people around me eating. Hopefully they didn’t hear, they were all older, I may have a chance!

I also got really sappy in town yesterday. I got some souvenir type items. It’s so sad to leave. I absolutely love living out here…well, minus my mouse roommate, I hate him. But I’d LOVE to live closer to town out here. Or even Montana. Maybe someday in the future? I certainly hope so, it’s wonderful here.


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