When Leaving Is Easier Than Going

I think it’s fucked up. Hardcore. Seriously.

Leaving is supposed to be the hardest part, right? That’s what I’ve always been lead to believe.

It’s not true. Leaving was the easiest part. A few hugs, some goodbyes and a few I’ll keep in touches.

The going has been full of name calling, accusations and stress. …And we’ve only made it through day 1.

Have you ever seen The Count of Monte Cristo? You know when Jim gets sent to jail, he’s tricked into thinking he’s taking a carriage? All the while it’s plain as day it’s NOT a carriage and he’s just too naive to see it’s a jail cart. That is what I feel like. I feel like a prize moron who has just walked into a jail cart because I was too naive to see it for what it truly was.


About smashleeca

I am a lot of things...a Californian, a T1 diabetic, a Crohn's pt, a daughter, friend, former athlete, forever student, blogger, worker, and most of all life-embracer. That sounds corny...but I'll leave it. I'm just your average 24 y/o girl with a story to tell. View all posts by smashleeca

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