Doctor Day in CA

What an impressive rhyme! Man, I’m amazing.

Actually according to doctor #2 I AM amazing AND unique. Not me really, my body. It’s MY body though, so it counts as me. 🙂

Tuesday was final moving day. Wednesday was start to get my crap together day (met w/ school and got my hair cut). Thursday was DOCTOR DAY!!! It turned out to be much more of a doctor day than initially anticipated.

Appointment #1 was with the gastroenterologist. She was nice. She was helpful. She told me the thyroid scare was probably legit and I needed to find an endo ASAP and a GP in CA. I also got lost trying to find the office…I have lived in this city off and on since January 1998, I felt like a prize moron. But whatever. She also scheduled my colonoscopy. And, she told me it wouldn’t be surprising for me to have either ulcerative colitis or chron’s disease, I am presenting with all the symptoms and fall into many of the risk categories. I asked a few questions about what that would mean and said I was okay with the idea of a chronic condition, as I already have one. Her answer was that she could give me some brochures but it was probably wait until the colonoscopy is done. The bonus of a positive result is I know what’s going on…the negative of a positive result…I have another stupid disease. IF they find no chron’s or colitis signs that means they have to figure out what’s going on with my body. I think I’d prefer they find something. Not sure I have the energy…or money to search around for what my body is doing. My colonoscopy will be on Crystal’s birthday…her present is not needing to have a colonoscopy, September 17th.

The first appointment was followed by me visiting the one and only endocrinologist in my city and making an appointment. I really hope she works out. I was supposed to switch over to her last Spring, but opted not to after meeting with the crazy Medtronic rep who works with her office. I’d love for her to be what I want and need in an endo, I don’t want to shop around for endos. THAT appointment is October 6th.

After the endo visit I stopped by the diabetes educator’s office in the same building. I am considering taking a trip there. I haven’t seen one in years and I really need to figure out this whole diet thing. BUT I’m thinking the 20lbs gained in ID may be related to the craziness going on in my body at the moment.

Then I decided it was lunch time. I returned to a great sandwich shop halfway in between appointments AND earned a free sandwich for next time! While eating lunch I called the GP my GI recommended. We have a meet and greet August 30th.

THEN I made it to appointment #2. The family drama related to this appointment ended up being unfounded. Although, I don’t want my family referring me to another doctor ever again, it’s been a disaster. AND, the doctor was running an hour behind. She told me to come back in 40 mins…I went to a local bakery and then came back. The doctor pretty much professed her love for me and said it was fate we found one another. Okay, she wasn’t that into me. But she did say it was amazing how it worked out and how excited she was to work with my incredibly unique case. She poked me with needles and shocked me with electrical currents. The results???? I DO NOT have peripheral neuropathy. I have carpal tunnel in my hands, which is worse in my left and I have regular, run of the mill, garden variety, old people neuropathy in my feet. The feet are worse off than the hands, but I personally care about my hand issues more than my feet ones. She wants to work with my doctors from Salmon, ID and my new ones in CA. She has all these intentions of ordering tests to figure out why the hell I have neuropathy at the age of 24. We’ll also be talking about splints at our next joyous meeting. After I meet with the new GP I need to come back to see her. By then she’ll have all the Idaho labwork and will have spoken with the GI doc. Then she wants to call my new GP to discuss where to start the labwork. She says she’ll start with the most common potential issues, then work toward more and more rare. Knowing my body…it’s probably a rare cause. She thinks all my issues could be related…being that so many are autoimmune. She thinks the carpal tunnel is due to diabetes…but she wants to figure out the neuropathy mystery.

Oh! And she discovered which one of my eyes is a little bassackwards and has issues deciding where to go…the right one. It’s not incredibly significant, but it’s there.

Following appointment #2 I got lost in THAT city. Eventually I found a gas station. I was planning on seeing my sister, but it didn’t work out. So, I opted to swim for night #2. It was a great swim AND I ran into an old friend from junior high and high school. Unfortunately she’s moving to WA in a month, but it’ll be nice to have a local friend for now.

Swimming has been wonderful. It’s a great release, I can escape into my own world and not deal with the crappyness. The lack of a job. The mess of a family. The disaster of my health. The muck of my head. It all goes away for an hour while I swim. AND tonight’s swim resulted in a BG of 93, the best number all day. I hope I can keep this a habit. 🙂


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