The Belly Button Fiasco

Saturday night.

I figure I can share the not-so-terrible and portion of the weekend that only implicates myself.

Saturday was a challenge and put me in a pretty rotten mood. But I had plans to meet up with some old co-workers from Aveda at The Saddle Rack in Fremont. It was great to see Laura and Tricia. We had a lot of fun catching up, telling stories and enjoying some much needed laughter.

Sunday morning I woke up and had to pee. (Everyone has to pee when they wake up, so I don’t feel bad about sharing) I look down, as I’m peeing, at my belly button. I like my purple belly button ring, it’s lovely. It was not so lovely Sunday morning. The ball (top portion) was inside the piercing. It was gross! It looked like an alien trying to escape! If I hadn’t remedied the situation immediately…and wasn’t peeing and lacked a camera at hand…I would have taken a picture to share. (Yes, I’m that gross)

Here are a few recent pictures…

Now you can just see the nasty crustiness. If I pop up the ball and push the bar through the top you can see all kinds of nasty white pussy skin that’s trying to heal. Each day it looks a little better as I am soaking and cleaning it. But MAN, major disgustingness!

Disclaimer: I would not usually post such graphic and unimportant stories, but the majority of my blog searches are related to piercings. I may as well share the spotlight with them from time to time.

…okay maybe I do like sharing pointless stories, but only if I find them remotely amusing…like this one!


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2 responses to “The Belly Button Fiasco

  • Ashley

    Just about a year after I got mine done, I went to the movies with some friends. When I got home, I heard the sound of metal hitting the floor. Apparently the top ball on my barbell had unscrewed itself/fallen off during the movie and the barbell itself managed to stay put until I got home. Weird but TOtally awesome.

    I’m very glad you were able to catch/remedy that situation quickly. Had you not noticed it would’ve turned even uglier.

    • smashleeca

      I remember you telling me that…when I lost my ball down the toilet lol. This was WAY worse though, seeing the whole ball IN my skin, blegh!

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