Perhaps My Worst Photo Ever

*disclaimer: I don’t need you to agree OR disagree with me, I promise. I merely find it humorous.*

Wednesday was my first day of school. I’m still figuring out the whole financial aid issue, so I have no books and have yet to pay my tuition/fees. But, if it all works out, I will continue to stay in school. Initially I planned to take one “on” campus class and keep the rest online…for work and medical purposes. My “on” campus class is not really ON campus. It is located at a local high school, during their first period of instruction. I can’t believe they start school at 7:35A! Anyhow, it was quite an experience…

Day 1:
6:55A – Leave for coffee!
7:30A – Arrive in general vicinity of school and opt to follow the multitude of vehicles turning down a side street
7:32A – Arrive on campus with 2000+ other people (I asked the secretary the enrollment number)
7:33A – Find students with big “?” on their shirts and ask where building 5 is located
7:34A – Walk into HUGE center with lines and LINES of students in front of offices. Find an office with no line and pop my head in to ask what I need to do as a college student
7:35A – (Start of class) Am told the class is NOT in building 5, but in room 312; which pleases me greatly as that is one of my favorite number combinations. Am directed to the classroom and told to fill out an emergency form “at some point”
7:37A – Arrive in class with my cup of iced coffee. It is CLEAR I am much older than the 15 and 16 year olds in my class. The interpreter is speaking, the deaf instructor does not notice my arrival; she is passing out paperwork. I choose a seat next to who I am certain is the “smelly/nerdy kid” at school.
7:37-8:30A – Role call – find I’m not on the list. Discuss syllabus. Key Points: NO tardiness, if you are tardy you must have a signed note from the main office. NO drinks in class
8:30A – Sit at my desk utterly confused. Class is supposed to end at 9:22A on Wednesdays. The teacher says we’re finished. The bell rings. I go with it
8:32A – Talk/sign with instructor regarding my name lacking presence on the attendance sheet. She said she didn’t know. But it was fine
8:35A – Barely survive my trek down the hallway. A “couple” making out stops to make out right in front of me…I nearly ran into them. I tower a good head or two above 99% of the students. Find the open office I found before class
8:40A – Arrive at the main office. The secretary, Lorna, welcomes me and has me fill out a form. She informs me she will be placing my emergency card in with the Senior advisor and will have people check on me in class to make sure my diabetes isn’t killing me. (Okay, not those words exactly…but close) She asks a man if I can take a Staff ID picture, so I have some form of idea. Unidentified man, who turns out to be the principal, says that’s a great idea and to take me over.
8:45A – Lorna walks me to the ID/School photos in the cafeteria. On our way we discuss school population, having a service dog and my random placement in a high school at the age of 24.
8:48A – I am handed off to a parent volunteer. She stands in line with me to get my order form. She is also fascinated by my attendance in high school at 24.
8:52-9:00A – Stand in line. Talk to a teacher about a pretty fascinating program the school offers for students. One I wish I had enrolled in when I actually was a high school student. I ponder the idea of becoming a teacher and what would have happened had I listened to all of my teachers.
9:00A – Complete picture. It’s terrible. The woman offers to take another, I pass. I doubt the next will be any better. Now, this isn’t because I find myself to be particularly ugly. I slept approximately 3 hours. I rolled out of bed, pinned my hair back, threw on some clothes…one of which was Tuesday’s shirt.

Without further ado:

If you look closely in person my eyes are not headed the same direction and are different sizes!

The best part of having a Staff ID card is now I can get discounts at Michael’s on Wednesdays…and apparently at some other stores I don’t shop at, like NY & Co. I won’t be participating in my discount abilities until I actually have a regular income though.

A note on my teacher pondering…I had to go to Ohlone to attempt to figure out my financial aid situation once again. It turns out I may be able to get $600 worth of aid if I enroll in this seminar for teaching math and science. I go to the class for the first time tomorrow. I’m not sure I’ll stay in it, but looking at the program is worth a shot. PLUS, I could REALLY use $600 for school. Being that my current budget is $0.

A second note on teacher pondering…I stumbled upon a brochure for a school in Montana (where I’d like to move) that has discounted tuition for CA residents and has an education program. AND an outdoor education center too!

I’m certainly not committing to anything, because I can’t at this point. But I’m excited at the potential of possibly having a path.


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