Ashley’s Wild Ride

Planning I’m good at. Waiting I’m not. My plans have fallen through and I’m still waiting for phone calls, results and packages. Thus, I’m not terribly pleased with how things are progressing this morning.

Commuting with my father is nice: he drives and I can either talk or sleep, most days I sleep. Though it also starts my morning with negative vibes headed in my direction. They’re mostly directed at my father and his driving, but I happen to be in the vehicle with him.

Most highways in California are 65mph. There is a section of the freeway that used to be 65mph and a couple years ago transitioned to 55mph. Unlike most Californians who drive at ungodly speeds when given the opportunity, my father drives the speed limit. Not 15 over, not 10 over and if you’re really lucky, MAYBE 5 over.

When we drive in together we get to drive in the HOV lane, which goes faster than the other lanes, because there’s less traffic. They have now begun to charge other, non-carpooling, drivers to drive in the HOV lane IF they pay. It is similar to that in Southern CA. There are clear entrances and exits to the HOV lane and once you’re in, you’re in: no exiting if you’re slower than those in your lane. (Not that my father ever used to exit to let faster traffic pass, but at least the drivers didn’t need to break the law to pass him)

This morning there were three, yes THREE, vehicles that illegally passed my father on the highway this morning…consecutively. As they passed they blared their horns and gave pissed off glares. I’ve learned to not look in their direction anymore, as I don’t know how to respond. My father then flashed his high beams at them…the obvious correct response, right?

Finally, the fourth car that wanted to pass him, didn’t…but instead started flashing HIS highbeams in my father’s rear mirror. My father’s response to that: start holding his hands up with “5s” because the speed limit is 55mph. And THEN, he points at each of the 55mph signs along the highway.

I can’t say I love the glares or honks, but I do love the ability to get an extra hour of sleep in before work. And, you can’t say my drive to work is boring…when I’m awake for it.


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One response to “Ashley’s Wild Ride

  • FatCatAnna \\^^//

    I’m probably the same age as your Dad – I tend to drive just abit over the posted speed limits (here it’s kilometers – so for me 5-10 km). Sadly here in Montreal, they tried the HOV, it didn’t work. Quebec drivers have a reputation for fast speeding too (maybe some of them have moved to California – sorry about that 😦 ). I’m used to the glares as I putz along at the speed limit or abit more. I think more so because I drive a diesel Smart, death machine of the roadway to many (but it’s built solid as a brick #@!$ house ). If I want to drive fast tho’ – I’ll go back to Germany again – where I have been known to go 200+ – but my excuse was trying to get to the hovercraft in Calais, France to take me over to England to visit the Queen. You would have fun in that drive 🙂

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