Patient Rights

I’ve been thinking. My thinking rarely brings about anything good, but oh well, it happens.

If a patient, especially a patient with chronic issues/concerns, is displeased with their doctor or his/her staff how should they go about expressing their displeasure? When it comes to chronic issues your doctor hold so much control. Test results, new medications, NEEDED prescriptions, knowledge, planning, etc.

What person wants to call or deal with an annoying “customer”? I HATE dealing with buggy people and try to avoid them at all costs. But, when I don’t get answers or what I need from a doctor, I most certainly become buggy. It’s my information, I deserve the answers. At the same time though, doctors are people too (even if they don’t always seem that way). Why would they want to call me if they know I’m pissed off?!

Which leads me to believe I should say nothing and deal with it. BUT, I’m pissed off and I feel it’s a valid feeling, so shouldn’t I be allowed to say something without sacrificing the quality of my care?

Is that an irrational fear?


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