In the DOC, D simply means diabetes. (DOC means Diabetic Online Community)

When you’re dealing with the Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis community, D, means diarrhea. (As far as I can tell…I’m pretty new to this crowd)

When I started blogging it was about me and my life with diabetes tagging along for the ride. Now I have two co-stars in my life, Diabetes AND Crohn’s. Naturally, now this blog is about me, life, Diabetes and Crohn’s. As I mentioned before, I have named the two, since they’re so incredibly involved in my life and it doesn’t look like they’re headed anywhere anytime soon. AND they’re finally ready to make their pictorial debut! INTRODUCING BERT & OSKIE! In case you don’t notice, their faces are in the shape of their designated organ…because I’m awesome like that.

Oskie has done well at sharing the spotlight with Bert. I am surprised he hasn’t become more jealous and feisty. My endocrinologist applauded my (seemingly) good control of my sugars having been on prednisone for over two weeks and adapting to Symlin. Right now the biggest issue Oskie is trying to pull is dropping too low in the morning, then I can’t take my Symlin, I naturally overcorrect & it throws me off for a few hours. This week we’ve made great strides in that arena and if I correct, have my breakfast and wait to take my insulin and Symlin until I’m in range, I don’t peak as high and I don’t drop too low. There has been a LOT of playing with combo bolusing lately to get it all sorted out. And my basal needs are no longer at a 70% increase with the prednisone and Entocort, I’m only at a 40% increase. I’d prefer to just be at my normal rates, but playing with steroids, I’m happy to have any normal readings at all!

Bert is not so hot. He is making me not only have D, but DDs. (There are so many things that can be said there…but I’ll bite my tongue and control my fingers). There is a lot of praise amongst Crohn’s/UC patients for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, so I’ve given it a shot, along with my medications. I’ll get more into SCD eating as I progress, but it’s essentially gluten-free, table sugar-free, non-nutritive sweetener-free, grain-free and almost completely dairy-free. On Wednesday night I ate dinner with my family. The local butcher made fresh garlic brats for me, with no fillers of any kind and my mother purchased me a gluten-free cupcake. The cupcake was far from SCD legal as it has a ton of sugar and contains rice flour. But, she tried to bring me a treat and I didn’t want to turn her down or make her feel bad by not eating it. The garlic brats were delicious, I ate two. One would have been sufficient, but in my house if you don’t eat your food right away there’s no saying it’ll still be there when you go back for it…so I greedily indulged in two. With Bert’s temperamental behavior as of late garlic was not the best choice. THEN I dropped too low and seized the opportunity to eat the cupcake.

I thought I felt bad on Wednesday night, Thursday morning was SO much worse! It took me over an hour to make it from the bed to the bathroom, for fear of puking along the way. I’m still not completely recovered. I still have DDs. (It’s clear that means diabetes and diarrhea, right?) I feel completely exhausted (but that isn’t anything new). I feel weak, that feeling you get when you have the flu & you’re just worn out in every sort of way, THAT kind of weak. If this persists all weekend, I’ll call the doctor on Monday. They’ve already added two medications to the original two medications Bert requires, I don’t really want to add any more. But knowing that I’m still feeling this way makes me a little bit scared about the so-called potential tethering Bert may or may not have made with my other organs. Bert already has a friend, his name is Oskie, we do not need to add any more body parts to the problem-list. My next appointment with my gastroenterologist is November 8th. Last week when we talked she thought about moving my appointment up, but said it was okay to keep it where it is for now…I don’t really want to have to move it. Mainly, because I don’t want anything to be wrong. (I probably should take a look in the mirror and admit there’s plenty wrong, but I’m just not open to that right now).

My body just doesn’t like to eat apparently. My pancreas broke and doesn’t want to make insulin to metabolize my food. And my intestines have joined the revolt and don’t want to digest food period. Anyone know how to make it through life without eating? Not that that’d even completely solve the problem, my stupid liver likes to make glucose for my pancreas to snub its nose at metabolizing too. But eliminating food could be a start?


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