Doctor Day

Tuesday I went to go see my PCP. In the past, before I had a digestive system disease and my intestines hated me, I would always buy myself a treat after a doctor appointment. I can’t really place the blame entirely on Crohn’s. It also has to do with me not having a job and the sheer number of appointments I have on a regular basis. Treating myself to a treat after every appointment would have me sicker than a dog, my bank account empty and my weight headed in the wrong direction.

She made a couple changes to my meds: an increase of my neuropathy pain medication, with the hope of preventing my hand from going numb and an increase with my Welbutrin dosage with the hope of kicking this fatigue in the ass. I cannot believe how tired I am. I have to actually keep my daily plans and activities to a minimum to allow for my exhaustion. If I have too full a day one day I really am incapable of functioning the next. It’s frustrating, but I’m glad I know myself well enough to plan for it. I sincerely the increased dose will help. It would be nice to be able to leave the house on a daily basis without looking and being a zombie.

There is also blood in my urine. Not enough to be urgently concerned, but enough that there is some. They’re going to look at it microscopically to see if it’s over 5. If it’s under 5 I’m okay but if it’s over there’s a problem. I have no idea what the 5 actually means or what it’s measuring. But as far as I know the plan is to just test again in 6 weeks when I go back for my next appointment.

As of this coming Monday I’ll have new medical insurance. It looks like all my doctors accept the new insurance. My endocrinologist may not, but their office occasionally creates a contract through my PCP’s office and is able to accept the insurance. So, I’m happy to know that. I wasn’t really stressed about having to change doctors, but it’s really nice to know I get to stay. I think that especially with chronic conditions, it’s SO much easier to stay with your doctors. Chronic issues manifest themselves differently in each person; it’s nice to stay with someone who knows at least a little how it is in your body.

I can’t really say my life is all better and is sunshine and rose-like. But, I don’t feel like everything is running faster than I can handle…anymore. Life feels a bit more manageable. AND it’s not all bad things happening anymore. There are some positives too. Positives are always nice.

Here’s to hoping things continue to look upward.


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