Lessons Learned

Things I learned on Thursday:

There are a large percentage of people who believe it’s acceptable to text while having sex. Texting while sexting! (This was on my co-worker’s, who’s not really a co-worker because I don’t really work there, news radio station this afternoon. I didn’t hear, but she told me. We briefly discussed imagining how this was possible and quickly decided we didn’t need to think about it)

The difference between midgets and dwarfs. (Thanks to Ashley. I know one has proportionate limbs & head…I think midgets. The other has smaller limbs, and I think that’s dwarfism)

I really really should not watch infomercials while I’m on IV pain medication (I managed to order some skin care stuff while I was in the hospital in ID…and they’ve JUST charged my card for refills. I didn’t want refills and really shouldn’t have gotten the first shipment to begin with! NO more infomercial purchases! It was my first, and hopefully last)

Apparently macaroons can help with diarrhea. (This was on Facebook, from a Crohn’s group. It got me started thinking…)

Having Crohn’s means you have to (but I think it’s really get to) talk about crap. Yes, literally crap. You get to talk about abdominal cramps and it not be about your period…though I think most “outsiders” assume otherwise. I remember when I scheduled my colonoscopy over the phone, in a restaurant, at lunchtime, as the waiter placed my food on the table. As I was a new patient from a different state I had to describe that the hospital in ID had found a large number of white blood cells in my stool and I’d had days of nausea/vomiting/diarrhea. Looking back, I probably would have been better off making the call outside…or really anywhere not with food.

But if diabetes has taught me anything (though I know it’s taught me a lot) it’s to not be ashamed of your disease. My diseases are my reality. And my reality now includes more than pricking my finger, squeezing out blood, sliding some into my meter, then licking said blood followed by playing with various beeping gadgets attached to my body. It means a lot of talk about poop. I sincerely wish it wasn’t so socially unacceptable to have poop discussions. Lucky for me, I’m used to strange stares headed in my direction. The stares are usually due to something I’ve said or a face I’ve made, not really the blood. Though that may be because I don’t pay attention to what’s going on around me while I test.

I’m willing to concede and not talk about diarrhea and colonoscopies in a phone conversation in a restaurant though. Really, I’m opposed to phone conversations in restaurants anyhow…but this was a special day, it was my last day in town before my move. I was running…but really walking rapidly…around town like a chicken with my head cut off. Thankfully people seemed fairly preoccupied with the numerous wildfires that had just started.

So while I’ve been thinking all this about not being ashamed or afraid to let other people know I have a body who hates me, I started thinking I’m not listening to my own advice. I am laying in bed, KNOWING I have to go to the bathroom and refusing to go because last time I had a bad night and ended up in the bathroom I got yelled at for waking other people up. How messed up is that?! No bathroom hours after midnight? Sorry to break it to you, when you have mindless morons for intestines, they don’t obey time restrictions. Boy do I wish they did! Alas, they do not. While it seems that I can hold everything in, it does not mean I can sleep. I am far too uncomfortable to sleep right now.

Sadly I have to be up by 6:30A today, so some sleep would be nice. It’s my last day of income for the foreseeable future. (Unless I get one of those jobs…which I’d REALLY REALLY like) My father’s company’s merger will be finalized as of November 1st. He’ll no longer be a President/CEO and instead will be a Branch Manager…for the time being. He plans on creating a “surfer” Halloween costume, meaning he can wear shorts, flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt to work. I managed to unintentionally gave him the idea. I tried to recover by telling him about the rain coming in overnight, but he doesn’t care. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

The staff, a former board member and I are all supposed to have breakfast at this great place near the office in the morning. Meaning we’ll have to leave the house no later than 7A. I really would like to cheat on my diet and eat breakfast yummy goodness. Taking my current state into consideration I can’t decide. Part of me thinks, holy crap, I can’t even think of having that food. The other part of me thinks, if the food you’re supposed to be having makes you sick, why the hell not just eat what you want…plus it’s only one meal. But then, I have to work til 4:30P and probably be home around 5:30/6P. So if I do eat the breakfast and get sick, it will be miserable at work….I don’t know.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note: should I call my GI? I feel crappy, but am making it work. I’ve had worse cramping/pain/diarrhea the last few days. My insurance changes on Monday. It changes from a PPO to an HMO. Thankfully all of my specialists (with exception to my Endo, but it MAY still work out) are in-network. BUT, I’ll need the referrals to go through my PCP. My next appointment with my GI is November 8th. I am pretty sure the referral won’t be completed by then. AND I don’t have anything but an insurance group number until November 1st, so I can’t even get the ball rolling now. Grr, I hate calling doctors, but I know I’ll at least have to call about the whole insurance thing.

Sorry no recipe this week. I have a good one for pumpkin pancakes. But, I’ll have to post it next week.


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