My Little Blue Pill

I now take 3 little blue pills…4 times a day. Two of the 3 are Pentasa which are the size of horse pills. The other is new, the little blue pill, otherwise known as dicyclomine.

On Friday night my dad and I went out to dinner. (BAD decision, I know) But we were sitting at the table getting ready to eat and I told my dad I needed to take my little blue pill. We immediately both laughed. Thankfully I’ll never be on THE little blue pill, since I’m not a man. But we had a good laugh anyhow.

Thus far it seems to be helping. But I’ve only been on it since Friday evening.

I called my GI’s office on Friday to inform them about my insurance change coming up the first of November to and HMO. And while I was on the phone I figured I should ask the questions I’d been wanting to know answers to for the last couple weeks. (I’m still working on the whole not feeling bad about calling my doctor and feeling like I’m bugging them) While I’m mostly okay with having conversations about my poop and gut with friends or maybe even on the phone in public as I was walking somewhere…I am NOT okay with having the conversation with the staff of my father’s newly merged company around. So I closed my father’s office door, most of the way and asked. My motivation was also driven by the whole wheat flour raspberry linzer cookie I ate an hour before…I was in a great deal of pain. The doctor called back within an hour and she told me the doctor on-call this weekend and that she was going to prescribe a new medicine and I have to take a fiber supplement at night. She also wants to talk to me again on Monday or Tuesday to touch base. AND the best news…she’s willing to work with me over the phone until the insurance issues/referrals get worked out! I’m really thankful for that since I feel like I still very much need her help and things are so NOT settled down.

My father is a bad influence. Not about all things, but about food. I have done very well sticking with my diet, unless it’s just him and me together. He was the one who got me the cookie on Friday. On Saturday we went to the farmer’s market, he bought a cheesecake brownie and offered to get me one as well, I refrained. Then we went to the meat market, who make the BEST fresh made sausages. I got a broccoli and cheddar sausage figuring it wouldn’t be too spicy. Then the post office, Target and Whole Foods. THEN we went to lunch. I had a free sandwich coupon from a really great deli. The sandwich was a pretty bad idea too…but it was really tasty. I ate the sausage for dinner…I was wrong about not being spicy. I like spicy foods, just right now my body does not. I can honestly say, they do NOT taste anywhere close to good on their second visit to my mouth. I was in pain all night Saturday and my sugars shot up close to 300…I ate 2 sausages and zucchini…I have NO idea why that happened. And, I don’t really blame my dad, it’s just harder to make the right decisions when he’s SO bread oriented…he had a box of mac & cheese for dinner with garlic bread and a steak. It’s not him, it’s me, I need better self-control.

I’ll be making some SCD friendly bread today. And hopefully that’ll make it a bit easier. Maybe I’ll make another cheesecake too, it’s pretty low in fat and decent on carbs…and SO SO good. When I make enough food it’s so easy to avoid feeling limited. I feel like I’m eating whatever I want to eat. But then I run out of food, don’t want to make more & when I’m offered something delicious…I fold and take it even though I know it’ll most likely make me sick.


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One response to “My Little Blue Pill

  • Ashley

    My daddy does that too. I really think it’s part of the old fashioned way of showing you care about your daughter – by getting her treats! I’ve had to learn to say no – which I HATE doing every single time because I know he’s just trying to do something nice – but he’s gotten used to it. He does love it when I have a stress craving and ask him to get me something though, lol.

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