Election Day!

I am a pretty decided person politically. Though, I am not combative argumentative with my political beliefs, as so many of us seem to be. It doesn’t mean I don’t care and it doesn’t mean my mind isn’t made up.

Last week my mother asked to see my ballot (I’m an absentee voter), to see for whom she should vote. I told her no. I feel it’s the responsibility of every voter to do their research. Voters need to take the time to know what they want and how they should vote. By giving my ballot to another person to copy is giving me two votes. I’m no more important that other people, I don’t deserve to vote twice.

RESEARCH your candidates and propositions! If you don’t know, DON’T VOTE.

The Get Out The Vote program is important, we, as citizens, have the obligation to be an active part of our country. Our country was designed around the idea of representation, if you don’t vote you can’t be represented. I think we all SHOULD vote…RESPONSIBLY. If you can’t vote responsibly, don’t do it. Don’t let one friend’s opinion decide your vote. Vote for you! Vote for your beliefs!

Everyone has an opinion and a voice, don’t be afraid to use them when it comes to voting! There’s no danger in voting for what you believe…no one will have to know how you voted (for the most part).

I’m not saying you need to dedicate hours upon hours studying. But THINK before you cast a vote! That’s why they mail us the sample ballots.

I know I’m not posting this until after all the polls have closed, but I think it’s something that needs to be said. My city hung a banner across Main St that said “Just Vote!”, it encourages irresponsible voting. I’d rather have a lower voter turnout with responsible voters than a high turnout with irresponsible voters. Maybe it’s harsh, but it’s true. It’s easy to be lazy and listen to the mudslinging commercials that slam the opponents or ask a family or friend how they’re voting, but it doesn’t take long to research. It’s okay to discuss how you’re voting or thinking of voting. My father and I discussed a few of the candidates and we researched the judge appointments together. I’m all for that, we didn’t vote the same, but we discussed the positions of candidates and reasons for our support.

As Americans we have the responsibility to vote intelligently and responsibly. I hope you did today 🙂 …if not try to be next time.


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