The Great Divide

I have a cold. My first of the season. It’s taken three days to fully arrive and is still probably going to worsen a bit before it even thinks about getting better. I’d love to be all better in a couple of days, knowing me and my body though…I very little faith in that happening.

Because I had a blonde moment and drove out to my favorite pharmacy on Saturday night after it had closed, I thought I may as well pick up a few things at CVS while I was there. (You know, try to convince myself the trip wasn’t a whole waste of my time). So I picked up some water (the meds I’m on cause the WORST dry mouth ever…it’s gross AND annoying), travel sized tissues, some sour apple glucose tabs (they’ve been given raving reviews, I finally broke down & bought some in case I dropped after) and a box of tissues.

Do you have a tissue or toilet paper preference? I certainly do! And it’s not just a well I’d really like this, but I guess that’s okay too. Especially with tissues. One brand is a gazillion times better than the other. I wish I could feel adamant about toilet paper, but I’m too cheap to buy the kind I like.

Kleenex tissues SUCK. They’re sorta soft if you get the kind with lotion & aloe. BUT they have SPARKLES in the tissues. I HATE glitter. It looks cute, but I don’t like it anywhere near me. It always gets all over and refuses to get off. You find it everywhere for days. Granted the sparkles in Kleenex are not glitter and the sparkles don’t stay forever…but you have a sparkly nose, cheek & upper lip til you wash your face! Really? Even if you liked sparkles, who puts them in those locations?!?!

Puff Plus with Lotion and Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong are the BEST tissues. The best!! I’m not a fan of the Vicks version…it leaves too much residue on your face. But my nose never chaps and the lack any and all sparkles. They don’t hurt…no matter how often you use them. They are the one and only tissue I like to buy.

CVS only had Puffs Plus with the Scent of Vicks!!! I was horrified and debated going to a different store in the area to get the right ones. I opted for Kleenex with Lotion & Aloe. BAD move. Being that this was my first tissue purchase of the season I had forgotten about Kleenex’s stupid sparkles. And, because I’m me & waited until the tiny remaining bit of my Puff Plus with Lotion from last year was gone! So I really needed them that night and I was on a time schedule. I’ve used several of the Kleenex sparkly yuck since…my nose and lips are raw. The top priority item on my next shopping trip is Puffs Plus with Lotion.

I mean it’s not like people don’t know you’ve been blowing your nose…it naturally gets a little red, why put sparkles there too?!

Maybe I’m weird. I know I have an abnormal passionate opinion on tissues, I’m willing to accept that. BUT I think it’s valid…I catch at least 4 colds between now and February and go through a LOT of tissues. …Maybe they should hire me as a tissue tester… Anyhow, if you don’t already have a tissue favorite, go with Puffs Plus Lotion, it’ll never let you down.

Also colds suck. If anyone has any throat drop, cough drop and/or cold med that has no Tylenol or Advil in it, PLEASE let me know. 🙂


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