Kiss My Country A$$

There’s really no point to this title, other than I really like the song.

I’ve been sitting at my computer for a good 2-3 hours trying to figure out what to type. Since my last post I’ve had a lot happen that I’ve wanted to post. Sadly I should have written when it was on my mind, as I’ve now forgotten.

Thankfully I’ve got something…

For the last few days I’ve been working on my room. My parents bought this house in January 1998. I have moved out and moved back in three times. Two of the times I brought my “life” back with me. So my relatively small room has had to try to accommodate three “lives”. I’m pretty sure I am giving away more clothing than I am keeping. It’s so good to know you use what you own though, who needs things they won’t and don’t use?

All this downsizing has brought up some odd questions. I’m 24, single and living with my parents. I’d like to hope at some point I’ll have a family of my own. Now that I’ve kept things for years and YEARS, my mind went to “what would I like to keep for my own kids?” It’s kind of a weird thought, because who even knows if I’ll even have kids?!

In cleaning out my room I’ve kept a toy box and a doll carrier my grandpa built and filled them with a few things: chairs and a table he made for my American Girl dolls, a few dresses my grandma made for my dolls and two porcelain dolls.

My mother asked me about everything I was getting rid of and was surprised at my not keeping some things. Then my sister chimed in and the three of us began discussing our childhood toys stored in the garage. In our discussion my sister and I both came up with things we’d like our parents not to sell or donate. My item was my and my sister’s play kitchen and my sister’s item was our washer and dryer set. Then my sister brought up how they still Playschool still makes kitchens and laundry sets, though now they are much more technologically advanced.

Growing up I always was a little jealous of the “better” versions of my toys sold after I’d grown out of them. The better dolls and action figures, etc. Now, I’m thankful I had the less advanced toys. My kitchen set had no electronic buttons or switches.

I’m not saying technology is bad. But what I DO think is that the toys widely available to children today do not promote imagination, creativity or critical thinking the way toys did twenty years ago. On top of the toys not making kids think to figure things out, kids don’t have as much independence or ability to play outside. Very few kids are allowed to walk home alone anymore. And how many kids do you see playing in the front yard?

I totally get why parents don’t allow their children those freedoms, it’s not safe.

Video games are more “active” which helps children get moving, but how does it help their creativity? The game is made for them, while it may be imaginative, the child isn’t creating the virtual world. When my parents purchased a refrigerator years ago my friends and I had days of fun creating a fort with the box. We created a house out of a tent, ropes and sheets, different rooms for all the house “needs” and lived in it for a day and a half only coming inside to get food, to eat in the “house” of course. We created our own “worlds” to visit, toys today can take you to different “worlds” with the push of a button.

I LOVE video games, don’t get me wrong. I wish I was allowed to have a system growing up. But there’s a part of me that feels sad to know so many kids today miss out on the opportunity to have to create fun. How many kids do you see outside climbing trees?

I appreciate technology, I mean, I walk around with two, three if you count my phone, electronic devices attached to me DAILY. Twenty years ago the CGM didn’t exist and an insulin pump wasn’t as nearly available as it is today. Twenty years ago I wouldn’t have the access to the diabetic or crohn’s community that I can have now.

The other bonus of cleaning out my room…I wasn’t on Twitter in three days. I love talking to everyone and some of my best friends were found online. It’s also nice to not be attached to a computer or phone all the time. When I forget to attach my pump (it’s never more than maybe 30mins after a shower or something) I have a near panic attack. I can understand that reaction…but I’d like to hope I don’t ever have the same reaction with Twitter, email, Facebook, or my phone.


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