The Turkey and The Shower

It’s a match made in heaven. Where else would you defrost a turkey? Where? – a refrigerator? No! Never! What would make you do that?!? Oh, you ran out of time? Well, then that’s where your turkey belongs!

To be honest, I thought it was ludicrous when I saw what my family decided this was the most effective method of defrosting your turkey. In reality they did not do it how you’re supposed to in a tub.

We opted:
1-put turkey in bucket
2-put turkey and bucket in the bath, under the faucet
3-turn the shower water to cold and leave it running for 15 hours
4-cook turkey

The ‘we’ should be used lightly, I 100% opposed leaving the tub running that long. Why? Think of the water you’re wasting!! That coupled with the front yard Christmas decorations staying lit 24/7 made me speechless. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not and extreme on the whole ‘green’ trend. I like to recycle and I think we should use things as we need them: lights when you need lights, water when you need water. It’s ridiculous to leave something running when you’re not making any use of it.

Note of interest: The theme song for The Turkey and The Shower is to the tune of The Farmer in The Dell.


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