My Wall Hanging Deer Head

It may take a while before it’s actually there. If video games have any remote semblance of reality – I’m a terrible hunter. Last week my dad and I took a trip to Bass Pro Shop and picked up a video game I wanted for our newly purchased Wii, The Hunt. It has such an awesomely blunt title. As great as I was at driving an ATV in my dream over the summer, I am that much worse at driving one in the video game. It’ll give me something to practice. 🙂

If you’ve had a number of conversations with me, you are likely to know I would like to, one day, have a deer head mounted on my wall. I don’t want/need a whole room full of game. BUT, I do want it to be a deer that I, myself, have shot. Don’t ask me how this goal came to mind. If you do, I can’t give you an answer – I have no idea. I have some speculations about this actually happening. But, hopefully someday.

Until then…THIS is the PERFECT remedy! I almost wish I wasn’t serious about purchasing this and hanging it in my room. Alas, I am. I am also willing to laugh about it – I’m well aware of its ridiculousness. He’s actually much cuter in person. I got a gift card for Christmas, some of it may go to him. I haven’t come up with a name yet, but there will be, I promise to keep you posted!

I mean, if I ever have a son or a nephew I could TOTALLY pass it down to him…if I ever decided to share.

Not at all related: On my mom’s side of the family there are 6 grandchildren. Josh (29 almost 30), me (24 almost 25), my sister (21), Caitlin (19), Caulin (16), Cavan (12). Guess who has a job. My sister, Caitlin and Caulin. Yes, the two oldest, Josh and I are unemployed. Cavan has a legitimate excuse, he just turned 12. It also seems as though the elders in the family have given up on Josh or I marrying, they mentioned my sister being the first and next to get married in a few years. It’s spectacularly comical. My poor sister blushed and retorted reminding my mother’s declaration of her and her boyfriend never marrying. …My family can be very entertaining. Josh and I celebrated our current unemployed status with a cheer. We also seem to have zero plans for New Year’s this year. We’re SUPER cool people. lol We actually really are, just doesn’t look that way on the outside(?) or something like that. Or you have to get to know us to see how truly awesome we really are? Either way, there were some AWESOME awkward moments at this year’s Christmas get together. Maybe I should write a memoir someday about our holiday celebrations?


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