So Long & Hello

I am deeming 2010 ‘The Year of My Body’s Revolt’.

2011 came up with a theme pretty quickly. ‘The Year of Tech Revolt’.  

I will finally keep my word when I say I’ll keep this short. My laptop broke. I restarted it & now that’s all it does…over & over…and over.

My iPod broke…the moment I switched with my dad for a new iPod. Thus far he’s letting me keep the new, working, one. I feel really bad though.

My phone started putting up a fight when it was only 2 months old. But it’s continuing misbehavior. Verizon gave me a new battery, since then it’s made a slight improvement.

Thankfully my diabetes gadgets are minding, for the most part. I’ve had a couple failed Dexcom sensors that hadn’t really failed. My blood sugars have decided to do whatever the hell they want, whenever they want. I can’t blame tech for that; I’d say it’s a tie between my family’s temptation, my self control, all my meds, my low lying infection & my pump settings being off.

This week my car hit 200k miles, I am hoping he stays alive for a while longer. ‘A while’ meaning, until I have a job & can save for a new one. I really love my Volvo, we’ve taken many long trips together & I haven’t always been the nicest to him. 

I have my very first root canal Monday. It was supposed to be on Friday but with the pre-testing unveiled my infection’s severity. It was going to be too bloody and puss-y (see what I did there, I saved myself from using inappropriate language) so I have to be on antibiotics PRIOR to the root canal. 😦 And there’s a possibility the infection has spread to the tooth next to the one that’s the current problem tooth. It was just a year and a half ago I had my first cavities (8), so two root canals to start 2011 isn’t bad, right? 2010 I had three wisdom teeth pulled. Oh, I also bruised my gum. 

So I can’t say 2011 hasn’t had some health related challenges, but I’m hoping for fewer hospitalizations and no more diagnoses of chronic diseases. 

My whole family is battling a cold, I have a tooth infection that is particularly nasty & can spread & an immune system that’s not great at fighting quickly. That’s an exaggeration, my immune system sucks; it likes to go with the long and slow way. My immunosuppressant doesn’t help matters. So I’d really, really, really like to avoid getting sick. Really, really.

Goodbye Year of Failing Health and hello Year of Failing Electronics!

(Maybe it’ll just be Month of Failing Electronics?)


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I am a lot of things...a Californian, a T1 diabetic, a Crohn's pt, a daughter, friend, former athlete, forever student, blogger, worker, and most of all life-embracer. That sounds corny...but I'll leave it. I'm just your average 24 y/o girl with a story to tell. View all posts by smashleeca

One response to “So Long & Hello

  • sajabla

    I’ve determined Palm phones are shitty. I just got my third replacement in six months. So yay, once the year warrentee runs out, I’ll have to dish out big bucks that i dont have for a new phone. Thanks, Palm.

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