Do You Paint Your Toes ‘Cause You Bite Your Nails?

I love this song. I loved it more when I paid attention to the lyrics; b/c I totally do that. I also paint my toes because I feel like I have perpetually wet nails when I have my fingernails painted.

On to slightly more interesting topics…

I’m in my last 24 hours of a three-part root canal. Two Thursdays ago I went to my new dentist. This is gross, sorry: in late 2007 I developed a nasty puss filled blister on my upper gum. I was told pulling my wisdom teeth would resolve the problem, so I started the process of getting those out. Then I changed insurance. In August/September 2009 I was in so much pain I needed my upper wisdom tooth removed immediately. They started me on antibiotics and pulled the tooth. All was supposed to be well. March 2010 I had another tooth infection and needed another wisdom tooth pulled; I opted to pull the remaining three. My dentist thought I may (keyword: MAY) need a root canal in the tooth in front of my initially removed wisdom tooth eventually (another keyword: EVENTUALLY). In the mean time, I needed a deep root cleaning. So, I used the remainder of my dental insurance and had the deep root cleaning done. April-August 2010 I was in Idaho. When I came back and had seen my GI, Endo & PCP I looked into getting my tooth fixed. November 2010: hello change of insurance, followed by holiday madness. January 2011, here we are. My new insurance approved dentist referred me to an endontist and I got an appointment for the next day, two Fridays ago. They take pictures of my teeth and tell me they can’t start the root canal yet, I have to be on penicillin first. She could start the procedure Monday. So, Friday I started the antibiotic and came in Monday morning. It took at least an hour to numb the correct area of my mouth and they started drilling. My doctor then told me I have an “interesting” tooth. JUST what I wanted to hear. She told me my tooth was black inside, they needed to TRY and save the tooth, they’ll pack it with antibiotics and give me a temporary filling. If they cannot save the tooth I will fall into one of two categories: the tooth will need to be removed or I will need oral surgery of some sort. The waiting time for the antibiotics is a week, so tomorrow, the hope is, I will complete the root canal from hell.

Adding to this hellish root canal, my pain medications were rather restricted. With Dexcom I cannot take acetaminophen. With Crohn’s I cannot take anything BUT acetaminophen. I called my GI’s office and asked for help. We finally settled on ONE option, Percodan. Great! There was something I COULD take. Only to find out my endontist cannot prescribe Percodan, as it is a class 2 narcotic. First off, I had no idea it was a class anything narcotic. But secondly, I didn’t know it was so hard to get! My partial root canal was six hours old before I could get the HANDWRITTEN prescription from my GI. The pharmacy neglected to call my doctor or I about the handwritten restriction. AND they forgot to mention they didn’t HAVE any on hand. So after hours of phone calls and then various pharmacy trips, I got my medication…which I could take when I no longer had to drive! Regardless of the insanely restrictive laws around this medication, it didn’t much help. Crazy, right? I was in pain ALL week.

So…I am really REALLY looking forward to the end of all of this.

Next month I need to have this tooth’s neighbor checked out too, it may be in need of a root canal as well.

In the world of Crohn’s…I’ve upped my Imuran dosage. BUT, I’ve noticed more bleeding. Actually, bleeding at all. I’ve NEVER seen blood in my stool (sorry, kind of gross/TMI again) and now I’m seeing it every time! In addition to finishing my root canal, I’ll be calling my GI. The good news, at my follow-up appointment all my blood work looked good. And tonight reminded me of how I should NOT eat out…I was in pain for a couple of hours. Sucked

In the world of T1…digestive and insulin peaking times are still way off, it’s really annoying. But, I’m getting a little better at predicting the best times to bolus. It’s usually okay if I don’t drop too low OR jump too high before making an adjustment. But how often can you catch diabetes before he’s a jerk?

In the world of me…school isn’t quite working out as planned, thus I’m STILL working on getting a plan together. There are more good days than bad. If I’m social one day, it seems I need the whole next day to recover. That kinda sucks, but it’s okay. Had an interview last week, it’s actually looking like it could kind of be perfect for me. So, fingers crossed, I’ll rejoin the working world soon.

Oh, also: my computer is still broken, sorry for the lack of blog postings and this incredibly long one. And I don’t get the new show “The Cape”…can someone enlighten me?


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