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Here We Are Again

The hospital seems to be my home away from home as of late. Total bummer, let me tell you! This hospital visit (or vacation as I’ve started calling it) isn’t related to anything else I’ve struggled with medically; not only this Summer, but ever! No kidding. I’ve had food poisoning once – the artichoke dip at BJ’s, yeasrs ago. Now, the doctors aren’t 100% sure what I have, since all ‘gut’ tests have a 48 hour + turn around period. The likely suspects are salmonella, giardia, yersinia, colitis and celiac disease.

They’ve opted to treat me for salmonella, giardia and yersinia, since the treatments are the same. So I’m on 2 antibiotics, in hopes of that working. To rule out the possibility of the other two I’m doing a celiac screening of some sort and they are recommending I have a colonoscopy. On Monday I’ll call my doctor and schedule an appointment to discuss scheduling the colonoscopy…I know you’re all so jealous.

How did this all happen? Well, I woke up on Wednesday with diarrhea. Which wasn’t in and of itself too random, the last 6 months have been a rollercoaster of constipation and diarrhea episodes. (Sorry if this is WAY tmi). Then Thursday I woke up super stiff and not feeling great. I blamed Cymbalta (as I have been for all my crappyness the last 2 weeks). Since I was feeling so down, I opted to join my boss on her trip to town. We left around Noon from home and had some lunch by 4P. (The lunches were completely different and made different places). By the time we got home, around 6P, I was feeling REALLY nauseous. I emailed a lady not committing to Friday morning’s meeting in Salmon (aka ‘town’).  It was about buildings in riparian areas (needless to say, I did not attend). By 8P I was eating dry bread and trying saltines. I also couldn’t get my sugars above 68. Then around 9P I started puking. When it got to be 1A, and my sugars STILL weren’t in normal range, I called my boss. No answer. I finally worked up the energy to walk up to her house. She wasn’t there. I sat on her porch for a bit, then went home. I called the office, because I wasn’t sure I could walk down there. About 5 minutes after 2 calls and a voicemail left my boss showed up at my door. I told her I thought I needed to go to the hospital. She got her stuff together, we were on the road by 2A, 2 hous later, at 4A, we got to Steele Memorial Medical Center.

Initially, they thougt I had the stomac flu and were concerned about my body going into DKA. Despite being 58 when leaving home, I was 260 upon arrival. Before leaving home I had shut off my pump though. The 260 continued climbing until last night, when it finally normalized. Though this afternoon I’m back up to 257. Boo! It’s been slowly climbing all day. Now – as you know – they’re not sure. I haven’t anything to trigger this whole situation. They just asked me if I’ve been in airports recently – also, no. 

I really think there’s no winning in my little world right now. Seriously! One thing after another. All unrelated (throat, infections, this, etc). What the heck?!?! 

Anyway, here we are again, in the hospital. This time with a shower, diet 7up, clean gown, new sheets & watching CMT.

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Idaho Life

Last night I started my THIRD new television series in the last couple months, Californication. (The other two series are Battlestar Galactica and Weeds). The series mentions writing, as the main character is a writer, and also talks about blogging. I also watched a movie yesterday that mentioned blogging, Made of Honor. It’s a cute romantic comedy with Patrick Dempsey (gorgeous!) and Michelle Monaghan. Both Californication and Made of Honor depict blogging rather negatively. Made of Honor shows a blogger that has no life, none at all. She’s a total nerd and obsessive. Californication says blogging insults true writers and ruins the American language.

It made me think. Why do I blog? Do I have no life? Does blogging discredit me as a writer? Initially I started blogging because I hadn’t been writing, I needed an avenue to vent and I had recently moved to a new state. I still need the avenue to vent and sort out my head, but to my knowledge, no one from my previous state of residence reads my blog. Whether or not I have a ‘life’ is up for debate, but I don’t think I’m as off the handle as the woman in Made of Honor. And, while I don’t think of myself as an incredibly talented writer that’s going anywhere with my writing, I feel blogging helps me develop my own style and comfort level with writing. Continue reading

Celebrity Status

Over 171 MILLION people worldwide have Diabetes. That’s a lot, right? Apparently 24 million of those people are in the US. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of times where I feel completely alone in this; until very recently I haven’t had contact with other diabetics and despite the prevalence of diabetes, our society know so very little.

Lance Armstrong started one of the most well known cancer charities in the US, if not worldwide. How many people have a yellow “Livestrong” bracelet? I know I do. And, when I was first diagnosed (and told I potentially had a bunch of other things going on: cancer, tumors, cysts and a heart problem) I bought and read all of his books. His story is inspirational, I am not doubting that. I’m just saying that he put his name on the name “cancer,” and now everyone is SO much more aware of cancer research/funding/information. Continue reading