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Diabetes Art Day!

I’m definitely not an artist. And I wasn’t really brought up to appreciate art. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to respect it a bit more, and even enjoy it…just don’t ask me to go to a ballet or musical…I’ll fall asleep.

In school I’m making teeth. I’ll be a toothsmith. The thing that’s so great about it is that it’s the perfect marriage between art and science. It’s practical art!

My biggest issue with art has been it’s apparent impracticality. Diabetes Art Day proves all art can be practical.

You look at how many people it brings together, its therapeutic process and all the recycling that gets done. Anyone on a pump knows how absolutely un-environmentally friendly diabetes can be. Also, it’s a great gateway for non-DOC members to get educated.

Frankly I kind of forgot about it this year until the day of and made two plaster dental model bases to start my project. I did the model making, gluing, and drilling in class. At home I did the painting. My family is oddly pretty uneducated when it cones to diabetes, but when they saw my finished project it opened the door to some conversations…and an explanation of what D.A.Day is all about.

You probably still won’t see me frequenting any galleries, but Diabetes Art Day is definitely important and incredibly awesome.

Here’s my contribution this year:



ART Day!

Today was crazy busy, sorry it’s taken so long to get this up…

You’d think a simple art project would be, well, simple. The creation was…my glucometer was overflowing w/ extra strips, so I tossed those on. I had some paper scraps I didn’t want to trash, so I used them. There was a leftover tier from the cupcake tower used at my mother’s birthday party and liner, so I used that. In my search for paint, I found the sequins too. The colors match those in my room…minus the blue. But when you recycle you deal with mismatching sometimes. PLUS the strips were blue too.

The result of this project has been my sister and mother not speaking…me being accused of taking pride in hanging dried blood on my wall…as well as being accused of wasting time on a pointless art project.

Regardless of all this, I am happily displaying it on the wall of my bedroom. 🙂