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Except it’s Sunday night. Mike Myers was on SNL this week (on Saturday night – see it’s sorta relevant). My favorite Mike Myers movie is So I Married An Axe Murderer, which has this song. So, it’s not entirely random.

It’s become apparent to me how much I’m stressing over this coming week and month. If I take every appointment as it comes and each day it comes, I’m fine. Seeing doctor appointments set Monday, Tuesday, next Tuesday and the Tuesday following AND the dentist this Monday too.

The dentist I’m not too stressed about.

My endo – I’m terrified. I know I have an endo complex, but I haven’t been this worked up for a while. My first and second endos were intimidating, one made me cry and the other told me they wouldn’t help me if I didn’t log my sugars. I should have logged my sugars, but I’m stubborn…and I’ve never been good at it. My endo in Montana was wonderful, I loved him. He was respectful and willing to help, but didn’t force things on me. I got a new endo when I moved back to California. He has been good. My first appointment he gave me Symlin and a Dexcom for a week. My second appointment he told me I was the most compliant patient he had and did amazing on prednisone. The day before that appointment was an amazing day, had one low and didn’t go any higher than 160 or something. Today, the day before this appointment, I’ve been 42, 140, 70, 160, 55, 275, 48, 300, 220, 270, 240 and now holding steady around 310. I have no way to explain it. It was just an off day of extreme zigzags. Until late in the evening it was just a lot of over-corrections in both directions. Now, I KNOW I’ve over-corrected, but I’m not budging. I have 15U in my system and I’m still not dropping. I swear, once I’m out of range it’s hell getting back. If I’m too low I really can’t function, if I’m too high I’m a big grumpyface prone to bitchiness. I feel like I need to be able to explain myself. I just don’t know how or why it really happens. It would make sense that this stupid ibuprofen is wreaking havoc on things, so maybe that’s it. Who knows if he’ll believe it though, he won’t believe me that Entocort EC is a steroid.

Tuesday I’m seeing my PCP. I’m happy to go there…except that it’s at 9:15a, but still happy to go. I can get my bloodwork done there. Also, I need to ask her about my shaking hands. It’s been really odd, I get really shaky hands. Not when I’m low, not when I’m high, just during the day. It’s slightly concerning. I really like my doctor. She’s nice to talk to about not just diabetes, not just Crohn’s, not just neuropathy…just about me.

I also have my second interview at the dog daycare/boarding facility on Tuesday. If I am hired I will most likely start this week. It’ll be nice to have a purpose for getting out and nice to be around dogs all days. Dogs are easier to be around than people…or at least they are for me. I’m a little nervous of handling school and 20hrs of work a week. It sounds lame, I know…but I really am so limited in what I can do. I get worn out SO easily. I hate being so limited, but it’s reality for me right now. Hopefully it’ll be great, not too much stress, fun and a good fit.

Next Tuesday I see my gastroenterologist. I already wrote about that appointment. I think they’ll be calling me tomorrow. We played phone tag about my dentist’s desire to put me on an anti-inflammatory medication. If they pull my tooth tomorrow, we’ll probably have to talk about what I can take for that too. It’s not worth it and probably not justified, but I feel like it’s my fault things aren’t going better with Crohn’s stuff. Or maybe that I’m not feeling what I’m feeling. Weird, I know…it’s just WHY can’t I get it together?!

The following Tuesday is my neurologist appointment. We need to talk about my muscle spasms and my shaky hands. He and I have only seen each other once and it wasn’t for very long. He doesn’t seem too interested in figuring out why I have neuropathy, but he seems to think I do in both hands and feet.

Eventually I need to see the eye doctor. But, I want to wait until I have a job so I can pay for at least something.

The one positive and even a little bittersweet part about all these appointments is that I can transfer over to my insurance’s mail order pharmacy. It just saves so much money. I LOVE my CVS in Castro Valley. I really don’t want to leave. But when you have meds that are $10, $25 and $40 every month and the mail order pharmacy charges the same for a three month prescription, you just can’t justify it. To make myself feel a little better I tell myself that I can still fill my temporary prescriptions at MY CVS…I’ve been on four or five already this year. I might have withdrawals if I don’t get to see them.

Another, oddly entertaining and somewhat pathetic event happened this weekend. My mother told me it’s been heavy on her heart I need a social life. Yes, a social life…as in getting out of the house. So she intends on occasionally donating $10 to my social life fund. Having no job and no money does play a part in my staying home so often…why leave to pay for gas, pay for wherever I’m going and whatever I’m doing? I can use the internet at home. While doing homework and studying outside the house would be nice…it’s cheaper to stay home. But, getting out will allow me to have some space from our already strained balance in the house. …Plus, I wore a short sleeve shirt today and I seriously need to get some sun!

Well, I started this on Sunday night, it’s now close to 1A on Monday…whoops.

I’ve added another reading assignment to myself…Last Child in the Woods. My roommate in ID had the book and I’d meant to read it but never got around to it. He told me about it and it sounded incredible. THEN my sister had to read the book for one of her classes in the Fall. She gave it to me tonight. Yay 🙂

One last thing…I’ve added another shower injury to last week. I bruised my toe REALLY badly, it’s black & blue and hard to walk, as I was getting out of the shower. I hit it on the door track. I’ve used this shower off and on since 1998…you’d think I could manage to use it and not injure myself.


Do You Paint Your Toes ‘Cause You Bite Your Nails?

I love this song. I loved it more when I paid attention to the lyrics; b/c I totally do that. I also paint my toes because I feel like I have perpetually wet nails when I have my fingernails painted.

On to slightly more interesting topics…

I’m in my last 24 hours of a three-part root canal. Two Thursdays ago I went to my new dentist. This is gross, sorry: in late 2007 I developed a nasty puss filled blister on my upper gum. I was told pulling my wisdom teeth would resolve the problem, so I started the process of getting those out. Then I changed insurance. In August/September 2009 I was in so much pain I needed my upper wisdom tooth removed immediately. They started me on antibiotics and pulled the tooth. All was supposed to be well. March 2010 I had another tooth infection and needed another wisdom tooth pulled; I opted to pull the remaining three. My dentist thought I may (keyword: MAY) need a root canal in the tooth in front of my initially removed wisdom tooth eventually (another keyword: EVENTUALLY). In the mean time, I needed a deep root cleaning. So, I used the remainder of my dental insurance and had the deep root cleaning done. April-August 2010 I was in Idaho. When I came back and had seen my GI, Endo & PCP I looked into getting my tooth fixed. November 2010: hello change of insurance, followed by holiday madness. January 2011, here we are. My new insurance approved dentist referred me to an endontist and I got an appointment for the next day, two Fridays ago. They take pictures of my teeth and tell me they can’t start the root canal yet, I have to be on penicillin first. She could start the procedure Monday. So, Friday I started the antibiotic and came in Monday morning. It took at least an hour to numb the correct area of my mouth and they started drilling. My doctor then told me I have an “interesting” tooth. JUST what I wanted to hear. She told me my tooth was black inside, they needed to TRY and save the tooth, they’ll pack it with antibiotics and give me a temporary filling. If they cannot save the tooth I will fall into one of two categories: the tooth will need to be removed or I will need oral surgery of some sort. The waiting time for the antibiotics is a week, so tomorrow, the hope is, I will complete the root canal from hell. Continue reading

My Little Blue Pill

I now take 3 little blue pills…4 times a day. Two of the 3 are Pentasa which are the size of horse pills. The other is new, the little blue pill, otherwise known as dicyclomine.

On Friday night my dad and I went out to dinner. (BAD decision, I know) But we were sitting at the table getting ready to eat and I told my dad I needed to take my little blue pill. We immediately both laughed. Thankfully I’ll never be on THE little blue pill, since I’m not a man. But we had a good laugh anyhow.

Thus far it seems to be helping. But I’ve only been on it since Friday evening.

I called my GI’s office on Friday to inform them about my insurance change coming up the first of November to and HMO. And while I was on the phone I figured I should ask the questions I’d been wanting to know answers to for the last couple weeks. (I’m still working on the whole not feeling bad about calling my doctor and feeling like I’m bugging them) While I’m mostly okay with having conversations about my poop and gut with friends or maybe even on the phone in public as I was walking somewhere…I am NOT okay with having the conversation with the staff of my father’s newly merged company around. So I closed my father’s office door, most of the way and asked. My motivation was also driven by the whole wheat flour raspberry linzer cookie I ate an hour before…I was in a great deal of pain. The doctor called back within an hour and she told me the doctor on-call this weekend and that she was going to prescribe a new medicine and I have to take a fiber supplement at night. She also wants to talk to me again on Monday or Tuesday to touch base. AND the best news…she’s willing to work with me over the phone until the insurance issues/referrals get worked out! I’m really thankful for that since I feel like I still very much need her help and things are so NOT settled down.

My father is a bad influence. Not about all things, but about food. I have done very well sticking with my diet, unless it’s just him and me together. He was the one who got me the cookie on Friday. On Saturday we went to the farmer’s market, he bought a cheesecake brownie and offered to get me one as well, I refrained. Then we went to the meat market, who make the BEST fresh made sausages. I got a broccoli and cheddar sausage figuring it wouldn’t be too spicy. Then the post office, Target and Whole Foods. THEN we went to lunch. I had a free sandwich coupon from a really great deli. The sandwich was a pretty bad idea too…but it was really tasty. I ate the sausage for dinner…I was wrong about not being spicy. I like spicy foods, just right now my body does not. I can honestly say, they do NOT taste anywhere close to good on their second visit to my mouth. I was in pain all night Saturday and my sugars shot up close to 300…I ate 2 sausages and zucchini…I have NO idea why that happened. And, I don’t really blame my dad, it’s just harder to make the right decisions when he’s SO bread oriented…he had a box of mac & cheese for dinner with garlic bread and a steak. It’s not him, it’s me, I need better self-control.

I’ll be making some SCD friendly bread today. And hopefully that’ll make it a bit easier. Maybe I’ll make another cheesecake too, it’s pretty low in fat and decent on carbs…and SO SO good. When I make enough food it’s so easy to avoid feeling limited. I feel like I’m eating whatever I want to eat. But then I run out of food, don’t want to make more & when I’m offered something delicious…I fold and take it even though I know it’ll most likely make me sick.

Lessons Learned

Things I learned on Thursday:

There are a large percentage of people who believe it’s acceptable to text while having sex. Texting while sexting! (This was on my co-worker’s, who’s not really a co-worker because I don’t really work there, news radio station this afternoon. I didn’t hear, but she told me. We briefly discussed imagining how this was possible and quickly decided we didn’t need to think about it)

The difference between midgets and dwarfs. (Thanks to Ashley. I know one has proportionate limbs & head…I think midgets. The other has smaller limbs, and I think that’s dwarfism)

I really really should not watch infomercials while I’m on IV pain medication (I managed to order some skin care stuff while I was in the hospital in ID…and they’ve JUST charged my card for refills. I didn’t want refills and really shouldn’t have gotten the first shipment to begin with! NO more infomercial purchases! It was my first, and hopefully last)

Apparently macaroons can help with diarrhea. (This was on Facebook, from a Crohn’s group. It got me started thinking…) Continue reading

Balance and Patience

There’s always a balance to fight for as a diabetic. And, as a human, I suspect. But, what I know is the balance of diabetes and life as an adult. I know nothing of being a kid with diabetes as I was diagnosed 5 short months following my 18th birthday.

I seem to be facing a struggle. How do I go to school when I’ve got bills to pay? Not just any bill, but medical bills exceeding $5000 AND monthly prescriptions to purchase. It would be irresponsible for me to ignore my financial obligations. Yet, how can I get my education, with which I can get a successful job, AND pay my bills. Oh, AND have a job with benefits. A part time position may be advantageous for a student with no medical bills. But that just won’t work for me.

My school has directed me to the Department of Rehabilitation. I am scheduling an orientation appointment with them for the upcoming weeks. BUT, I don’t know how I feel about living off the government while I try to complete my education. It’s looking like I have about 3 years left to meet all the prerequisites, I can’t justify that length of time. Wouldn’t it be irresponsible?

Should I just be patient? Wouldn’t it be better for me to work, take care of my financial obligations and be patient with my schooling? I want to go to school, but not in place of responsibility. I so badly want my degree before I turn 30. I want to feel less like a failure. A degree will help with that feeling, but wouldn’t taking care of my bills also help? Sometimes you can’t have the best of both, bake your cake and eat it too, etc. Right?

Happy Birthday to Me

Today’s the day. I am officially 24.  So in the spirit of “another year gone by”…here’s a recap of 23:

-Grandpa died (3/13)

-Got 1st (3/13) & 2nd tattoos & 5th/6th, 7th & 8th piercings

-Got dumped on the day of my Grandpa’s funeral (April)

-Was diagnosed with the start of neuropathy (June) & started taking meds for them (September-ish) Continue reading

Adventures In Hypoglycemia

First off let me start by saying, my insurance is a pain in the ass. I mentioned yesterday the “requirements” I must meet to upgrade my pump and get a CGM. I COULD try to get a CGM and just wait until my pump decides to die on its own. BUT, that would mean wearing two “pump-like” devices all the time. HECK NO, I have zero interest in doing that.

So, tonight I had a low at work…after being at 260-280 for almost three hours! I couldn’t get it down. I’d like to know what the hell the insulin was doing if it wasn’t lowering my sugars…. I guess it was just procrastinating in working because I ended up at 67. Well, 67 doesn’t cut it for my insurance. My 4-5 monthly “hypoglycemic” episodes must be below 50. So, I spent THREE damn hours low waiting for it to drop low “enough.” Enough, enough, enough…that’s just dumb. Anyway, I ended up at 41. Sadly I hadn’t eaten since 3pm and it was 1:30am, so I was pretty hungry. I’m nearly certain I messed up taking the insulin and will either be incredibly high or incredibly low. I kind of would like to stay awake to figure it out because I don’t like waking up high OR low. We’ll see it’s almost 4am already. Continue reading