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Piercing Has, Tubing Death

Two of my top searches here. Rather odd if you ask me, but whatever floats your boat.

I have been wanting to blog for a while now, but I just haven’t created the time for it. I’m not entirely sure what I’d like to say. Over the last few weeks I’ve been contemplating what this blog is…it’s not a health blog, it’s not a sports blog, it’s a me blog…not that I know exactly what that means.

I guess on the topic of piercings, I’ll go with my year in retrospect and hopes for the next.

I turned 25 on March 12th, officially definitely mid-twenties, officially uncareered, unindependantly housed, uneducated…all those good things lol.

24th Year

March – I think I had my last three wisdom teeth out in March. Did I have my nose pierced at 23 or 24? Went to Southern CA. Met George (yay DOC meetups). Hung out with Liz…haven’t seen her since. 😦 Hospital visit #1 of the year. Embarrassing birthday celebration. Discovered the world’s best medication…Ondansetron ODT – AMAZING anti-nausea med.

April – Visited my grandma in AZ, hadn’t seen her in nearly a year. Finally got my side tattoo, it’s a pine tree. It took about four hours…SO painful, my others were not…ribs hurt! Moved to Idaho. Hospital visit #2, after my first day on the job, walked 3mi (I think) to the hospital at 1-2A and stayed two full days.

May – Played with axes and crosscut saws. Got my WFR certification. Played in the snow. Started working toward the end of the month. Started my, I think, third round of antibiotics since April.

June – Worked in the forest!!!! First anesthesia experience, first surgery, lost my tonsils. Also lost my nipple piercings – I had to take out all my piercings for the surgery and was too sore and distracted to put my nipple piercings back in. My dad visited me in Idaho to drive me to and from the hospital and a couple days of recovery. I think I watched/bought more movies, watched more TV series during recovery than I had in a year! I called my mother in tears more than once in pain.

July – Tonsil wound got infected…more antibiotics, more pain medication. Worked in the sun daily…in a chair. Worked on environmental non-profit stuff (a ton of fun). After the pain subsided a bit, I started taking forest/river walks in hopes of re-joining the field. Had a brief Grave’s disease scare. Congratulated on my diabetes management (I miss my MT endo)…(actually I miss most of this stuff, not glad it happened, but I miss it anyway…making me tear up…stupid emotions lol) Brief scare about blood in my urine. Tonsils were cleared. By this point I was WAY out of shape…being sick sucks.

August – Almost ready to join the field…only to get sick. Final trip to the hospital…as an admitted patient. Surprise problem, that would require specialists. Could go to Hamilton, MT for at least one of the specialists…3.5hours away. None of the tests for “wilderness” illnesses came back positive, so their best guesses were Crohn’s (winner, winner lobster dinner…if I liked lobster). UC, or maybe celiac. Realized it was time to call it a day…boss & I decided it was best I go back to CA; I wasn’t working and was going to need to be running more tests and seeing more doctors…it just made sense to be in CA. Parents drove up with my dog to help move me back. Visited Janelle (!!!!) and my aunt and uncle in Ogden, UT. Was heartbroken.

September – Doctor visits, feeling and being sick, trying to go to school, occasionally working for my dad’s work, sleeping, sweatpant wearing…overall not handling everything very well.

October – Official Crohn’s diagnosis (yay?), was happy to have answers. Start the adventure of finding the right medication regime. Got a CGM…LOVE my Dexom! Finish working for my dad, his company merged at the end of the month. More feeling crappy. Sleeping, trying to work, trying to go to school, etc.

November – Drop out of school (medical reasons). Attempt at the SCD diet…didn’t go well…used too much almond flour. More feeling sick, sleeping, etc. Looking for a job. Highlighted my hair. Thanksgiving meal planning…was awkward.

December – 2weeks after I highlighted my hair I dyed it dark, dark brown with some red highlights. Christmas. My mother started paying me to leave the house. She also had a stroke. Family paid me to stay home from vacation…sounds worse than it was: I wasn’t going to go so they paid me to watch the dogs. To be honest, I don’t really know what else happened.

January – Thought about returning to beauty school, but that didn’t work out (like so much else over the last year it seems lol). Started school again. Kind of got the medication regime figured out. Had an at least 5 trip root canal/tooth pulling, I don’t recommend that either. Felt really good about things getting better…and me getting better.

February – Made it just over 6months without a trip to the hospital…turns out I had kidney stones. Surgery #2 for the year…and for my life. Peed blood, peed blue and finally peed normal again. Had a stint put in (while under anesthesia) and pulled out (while awake)…I don’t recommend getting one of those. Recovery sucked. It hurt to move, pee, walk…anything. Got a job!!!! The surgery happened my second week of work and I had to take a whole week off. Thankfully they were really nice about it. Fell behind in school. My sister got a dog…a 10month old Husky, Kaya…I’m now her nanny.

March – My mother and sister threw me a surprise party, that I demanded not be a surprise. It takes a lot of planning to prevent me from getting sick. School graciously allowed me to drop my classes without Ws again, due to the surgery. (WAY annoying…it could be a whole post all on its own)

So, not many tattoos or piercings. I’d like to get my nipples re-pierced, but when I have more money and can come up with a good time to have them pierced. I’d like another tattoo or two, but I can’t exactly figure out what I want…and I also need more money before that becomes a good idea.

I was really hoping 2011 would be hospital visit free. Maybe I can just hope for a hospital visit free 25th year.

I’d like to be able to stay in school long enough to actually finish something. I’d like to move out…I have doubts that’ll happen by the time I’m 26 (a little sad :-/), but I’d like to be kind of close to that happening. I’d like to feel normal more days than I feel sick. I’d like to be productive, I’d like to feel like I’m getting somewhere.

I don’t know, I don’t think I want anything too complicated. If I could have my health and life back, I’d be okay with the rest of the shit life throws my way. Maybe I wouldn’t be okay immediately, but I’d get there.

Not having my health at 25 makes me feel all sorts of ways. Angry, sad, hurt, disappointed…maybe I’ll post about it soon.

But, really, Year 25, please grant me a year of health.



Except it’s Sunday night. Mike Myers was on SNL this week (on Saturday night – see it’s sorta relevant). My favorite Mike Myers movie is So I Married An Axe Murderer, which has this song. So, it’s not entirely random.

It’s become apparent to me how much I’m stressing over this coming week and month. If I take every appointment as it comes and each day it comes, I’m fine. Seeing doctor appointments set Monday, Tuesday, next Tuesday and the Tuesday following AND the dentist this Monday too.

The dentist I’m not too stressed about.

My endo – I’m terrified. I know I have an endo complex, but I haven’t been this worked up for a while. My first and second endos were intimidating, one made me cry and the other told me they wouldn’t help me if I didn’t log my sugars. I should have logged my sugars, but I’m stubborn…and I’ve never been good at it. My endo in Montana was wonderful, I loved him. He was respectful and willing to help, but didn’t force things on me. I got a new endo when I moved back to California. He has been good. My first appointment he gave me Symlin and a Dexcom for a week. My second appointment he told me I was the most compliant patient he had and did amazing on prednisone. The day before that appointment was an amazing day, had one low and didn’t go any higher than 160 or something. Today, the day before this appointment, I’ve been 42, 140, 70, 160, 55, 275, 48, 300, 220, 270, 240 and now holding steady around 310. I have no way to explain it. It was just an off day of extreme zigzags. Until late in the evening it was just a lot of over-corrections in both directions. Now, I KNOW I’ve over-corrected, but I’m not budging. I have 15U in my system and I’m still not dropping. I swear, once I’m out of range it’s hell getting back. If I’m too low I really can’t function, if I’m too high I’m a big grumpyface prone to bitchiness. I feel like I need to be able to explain myself. I just don’t know how or why it really happens. It would make sense that this stupid ibuprofen is wreaking havoc on things, so maybe that’s it. Who knows if he’ll believe it though, he won’t believe me that Entocort EC is a steroid.

Tuesday I’m seeing my PCP. I’m happy to go there…except that it’s at 9:15a, but still happy to go. I can get my bloodwork done there. Also, I need to ask her about my shaking hands. It’s been really odd, I get really shaky hands. Not when I’m low, not when I’m high, just during the day. It’s slightly concerning. I really like my doctor. She’s nice to talk to about not just diabetes, not just Crohn’s, not just neuropathy…just about me.

I also have my second interview at the dog daycare/boarding facility on Tuesday. If I am hired I will most likely start this week. It’ll be nice to have a purpose for getting out and nice to be around dogs all days. Dogs are easier to be around than people…or at least they are for me. I’m a little nervous of handling school and 20hrs of work a week. It sounds lame, I know…but I really am so limited in what I can do. I get worn out SO easily. I hate being so limited, but it’s reality for me right now. Hopefully it’ll be great, not too much stress, fun and a good fit.

Next Tuesday I see my gastroenterologist. I already wrote about that appointment. I think they’ll be calling me tomorrow. We played phone tag about my dentist’s desire to put me on an anti-inflammatory medication. If they pull my tooth tomorrow, we’ll probably have to talk about what I can take for that too. It’s not worth it and probably not justified, but I feel like it’s my fault things aren’t going better with Crohn’s stuff. Or maybe that I’m not feeling what I’m feeling. Weird, I know…it’s just WHY can’t I get it together?!

The following Tuesday is my neurologist appointment. We need to talk about my muscle spasms and my shaky hands. He and I have only seen each other once and it wasn’t for very long. He doesn’t seem too interested in figuring out why I have neuropathy, but he seems to think I do in both hands and feet.

Eventually I need to see the eye doctor. But, I want to wait until I have a job so I can pay for at least something.

The one positive and even a little bittersweet part about all these appointments is that I can transfer over to my insurance’s mail order pharmacy. It just saves so much money. I LOVE my CVS in Castro Valley. I really don’t want to leave. But when you have meds that are $10, $25 and $40 every month and the mail order pharmacy charges the same for a three month prescription, you just can’t justify it. To make myself feel a little better I tell myself that I can still fill my temporary prescriptions at MY CVS…I’ve been on four or five already this year. I might have withdrawals if I don’t get to see them.

Another, oddly entertaining and somewhat pathetic event happened this weekend. My mother told me it’s been heavy on her heart I need a social life. Yes, a social life…as in getting out of the house. So she intends on occasionally donating $10 to my social life fund. Having no job and no money does play a part in my staying home so often…why leave to pay for gas, pay for wherever I’m going and whatever I’m doing? I can use the internet at home. While doing homework and studying outside the house would be nice…it’s cheaper to stay home. But, getting out will allow me to have some space from our already strained balance in the house. …Plus, I wore a short sleeve shirt today and I seriously need to get some sun!

Well, I started this on Sunday night, it’s now close to 1A on Monday…whoops.

I’ve added another reading assignment to myself…Last Child in the Woods. My roommate in ID had the book and I’d meant to read it but never got around to it. He told me about it and it sounded incredible. THEN my sister had to read the book for one of her classes in the Fall. She gave it to me tonight. Yay 🙂

One last thing…I’ve added another shower injury to last week. I bruised my toe REALLY badly, it’s black & blue and hard to walk, as I was getting out of the shower. I hit it on the door track. I’ve used this shower off and on since 1998…you’d think I could manage to use it and not injure myself.

Diabetes is a big fat liar

After you’re diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, medication has a whole new definition in your life.

Insulin is not an optional medication. It’s optional if you consider death an option, and I don’t.

As a kid our doctor (on the rare event we went to one) would write scripts, my mother would tell the doctor she’d fill them, never fill them and not return to the doctor until the law required it. Type 1 isn’t that lenient.

I see my doctors as often as they’d like to see me, or as close as possible. And I diligently take my medications as directed. I think at last count I was on 11 or 12 meds. When you’re on that many drugs your options are limited for additions, there’s a likelihood some meds will counteract others.

I haven’t had a paycheck since the end of October. The government is paying my tuition. My family is helping me with the rest. Diabetes and Crohn’s are expensive and require constant attention. Knowing money was tight for my parents I opted to take two of my medications twice a day instead of the prescribed 4 times.

My thought process was that I can cut those, at least I’m still getting some of the medication. Insulin is not an option. Metformin I have some backstock. Welbutrin, I’m not messing w/ my antidepressant usage. Imuran, it’s been the most helpful and I only take it once a day. Entocort EC…I’m almost out of that too. Nortriptyline, I’ve had BAD experiences weaning on and off my nerve meds so I didn’t want to do that & there’s no way to take a half dose. I can’t think of the rest but Pentasa and Dicyclomine got the cut. I am supposed to take 2 pills four times a day of Pentasa and one four times a day of Dicyclomine. I can live without that, right?

Well, I’m alive. But between my mouth, clusterfuck of sugars right now and the reemergence of severe cramps and nausea I’m not alive very happily.

And I know it’s not their fault for the timing, but with the stupid CWD forum from yesterday (and today? I’m not sure) I feel inadequate. It’s me, it’s not them. I’m allowing myself to feel this way. But, I feel like I’m saying “poor me” and I really don’t mean to. Everyone’s life is different and everyone has different shit they have to deal with. I don’t have a great family network to be able to vent and express, so here it is. It may not be the smartest idea to divulge so much information of how I “feel”…in person that’s the last thing I talk about. I prefer fact.

…which pisses me off more, I don’t like all this feeling crap. Feeling sick, feeling damaged, feeling useless, feeling behind, feel, feel, feel. I’d prefer to not feel, thank you very much. It’d be really nice to NOT feel like I’m a failure at trying to figure out my dumbass digestive system, how and when it digests and metabolizes what and knowing what my sugars do and are supposed to do. Why can other people figure it out and I can’t?

Off the feelings topic and now to why diabetes is a liar:

Diabetes tells you it’s the most important, it’s first. You MUST take your diabetes meds over any others.

Crohn’s meds are just as important. If your digestive system decides not to work your insulin regime is going to be all over the place. Sometimes the carbs peak at a “normal” time, some postponed…without any real regularity…unless you count a different story at every meal as regular.

Diabetes may be a big pain in the ass, but don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s more of a pain in the ass than certain other diseases, in my case Crohn’s.

Sometimes Crohn’s has to win…ex: my pain med options
Diabetes gets to win other times…ex: eliminating some pain med options b/c I NEED to use my dexcom and refusing to add ANOTHER steroid to the regime. There’s no way in hell I’m taking two steroids at once again…all the help the steroids do goes to shit if I can’t keep my sugars fairly moderated b/c it makes my stomach cramp with EVERY damn food.

Diabetes, you’re a big pain and I hate you. I hate you for the kids with T1, for the people trying to be a responsible and “normal” adult, for the parents who have the kids with T1.

Despite diabetes being an attention whore, I’m kind of scared to go to my GI on the 15th. It’s an earlier than originally planned appointment and I can’t see my regular PA. She said I need to meet with the doctor because she honestly doesn’t know what to do anymore. So, awesome, that’s encouraging. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? ..aside from being scared.

And I’ll shut up right now, or I’ll just add more profanities.

You Can’t Escape Reality For Too Long

It seems there’s always something to say with diabetes and Crohn’s. So, no hair talk today. Just plain and simple health jabber. Though, I wouldn’t say it’s simple at all, when it comes to me…my health is rarely simple. Diabetes and Crohn’s make that a near impossibility.

My root canal is complete. They’re not sure if it’s successful. They won’t be able to determine its success until they try to put a crown over it. If it’s failed, the tooth will ooze some kind of substance. If it fails, I need it removed. They’re hoping a couple more days will eliminate the infection on the side of my gum. I have my doubts, it’s been there for 3 years and I’ve been on numerous rounds of antibiotics. The crown is going to cost $831. I have NO idea how I’m going to come up with that.

I called my GI office Tuesday and they’d like me to come in because of the bleeding. I go tomorrow, Thursday. Not really sure what they want to do, I was there last week.

Thursday was supposed to be my endo appointment. Since I don’t really have a dire need of going, in the grand scheme of things, I moved it to February 7th. Hopefully by then I’ll have a paycheck so I can afford my $40 copay.

Financial/family stress is a bit high. They are burdened, as I have no means to paying for my health needs. They did say they’d help me, when I came back, but it’s still been a burden. Their apparent burden burdens me. I know I’m getting help my sister isn’t getting. I know they have their own financial needs to meet. I know they don’t appreciate western medicine the same way I need it. I know they don’t approve of my medical choices. It makes me appreciate their help more, but it makes me feel even worse for accepting it.

Breathe in, breathe out. One day at a time, things will change…they sure as hell better improve when they do too. Or at least I really, really hope they do 🙂

Draw Me A Map

Literally, that would be nice. But it’s my new song title titled post. Dierks Bentley…you can’t help but love his music.

Unless you’re my grandmother and uncle. My uncle just doesn’t like country…ask my grandmother if she likes it and she’ll lecture you on how it’s not even music, except the guitars. The guitar playing is music. I learned all this on Thanksgiving.

Wouldn’t it be great if life would give you a map for what you’re supposed to do and when and where you’re headed? I guess that’s the beauty of life though. If we knew what was happening when our brains would go to slush. Every once in a while I’d like a little enlightenment on where I’m headed though.

Going into today I had two legitimate job prospects. I now have one. I am really hoping I don’t bank on this one position and then lose the little bit of hope and motivation I still harbor if it doesn’t come to fruition. Which means, I need to obtain more job prospects.

If someone would like to assure me that I’m not the only one like this, it would be great: I am fantastic at looking for positions and creating a list of where I’d like to apply. However, I am not so great at actually applying.

I have issues counting on other people to help me out with everything going on over the last few months…more like over half a year. Mainly, my parents. I don’t like having to depend on them for pretty much everything. It’s the situation right now though, so I’m sucking it up and appreciating their assistance.

I guess I could use that as a motivator?

Anyhow, I’ve been pretty poor at posting anything lately. I’m tired of talking about the medical crap, health nonsense and overall rather challenging state my life seems to be experiencing. But, to be honest I really have nothing else going on. No money to do anything or go anywhere. I’m cleaning out stuff. My parents purchased a Wii for Thanksgiving. Apparently we do Thanksgiving gifts now. 🙂 I’ve watched a lot of NCIS on USA and of course Law & Order SVU.

My blood sugars hate me and have taken the new pattern of going completely apeshit at random times of day and never two days in a row. I’m not really appreciating it. On Wednesday I had an interview and then went to Ikea for a bookcase, in between I ate lunch. On the way to Ikea, right after lunch, for which I took TWO units for a large deli sandwich on a dutch crunch roll, I dropped below 40. I started lunch at 150-160. I ate some Peanut M&Ms, because that was all I had in the car (I wasn’t driving, I promise). That didn’t help. Finally I stopped my pump. So for the first 30mins or so I had a pump beeping every 25mins reminding me that I had suspended the basal. THEN I had all sorts of double arrow up reminders. The one consistent issue with my blood sugars is that it takes forever to come up and forever to come down. If I can manage to stay below 150 and above 90 it’s a good day. Most days there’s at least one low or one high, all of which can take up to 3 hours to return to range. Three hours is a really long time to have a low…and a really long time to stay high. …I’d like a map for that too.

Aside from needing WAY more sleep than I’d like, Crohn’s stuff has sort of settled. Granted, I have only been eating once, MAYBE twice a day. Fruit and yogurt do NOT turn out well. It’s rather unfortunate, because that’s really what I’d like to eat. Instead it’s usually a bowl of healthy cereal with milk. Tonight was NOT good. My mom and sister wanted to go out…to Red Robin. I’d already had my cereal hours beforehand, but I figured I go anyway. Red Robin’s meal probably totaled more calories than I’ve consumed on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday combined and probably all day on Wednesday. It also contained much more grease than I’ve consumed in I don’t know how long. Needless to say, my body did not appreciate the indulgence. It was a bad choice because of all the fried food and because it was so much more than I’ve been consuming. If I have too big of a meal it makes me nauseous. So, I guess it’s not great, but it’s also pretty consistent, which I appreciate.

I would like some consistency in my life. I need to get myself on some form of a schedule. There is too much randomness for me to handle right now. It gets my head spinning…and then I get WAY too far ahead of myself, get stressed out and eventually I just shut off all forms of thinking.

When I have a built bookshelf, I will share. I am excited to have it up and books on it 🙂 I have too many books and not nearly enough space. They currently stay in boxes, on a high shelf close to my ceiling, above my dresser and span across two shelves that spread the width of my closet. The bookcase has 6 or 7 shelves and will hopefully support my book addiction. …surprisingly I’ve been slacking in the reading area. I finished the last half of a book on Monday. I’ve yet to start another. It would be nice to finish Water For Elephants.

In spirit of the title I’ve given this incredibly random post, perhaps I’ll try to sort some things out and create a bit more structure and “map” out some kind of a daily schedule. Reading, Knitting, Cleaning, Job Looking, Being a Responsible Patient Who Takes Her Meds On Schedule, Waking Up, Hiking/Walking. You know, so I actually accomplish something in my 24 hours each day. Yay for working on a map. 🙂 …or attempting it.

Go Away

Thursday was a weird day. I got up and Crohn’s wasn’t being a jerk and diabetes wasn’t misbehaving much either. But the biggest accomplishment of my day was putting away a few groceries, only the ones that needed to be refrigerated.

One might assume my lack of actually doing anything was due to depression. (The third D in my life) And I wouldn’t say you are completely off base. I’m also fairly certain I’m catching a cold, I have all the signs: sugars running low, stuffy on one side of my face, HORRIBLY itchy throat (wasn’t my tonsil removal surgery this Summer supposed to take care of that?), constant need to sneeze, major headaches and more I can’t quite remember right now. I can’t say I feel sad about anything…I’m a little angry that my body hates me so much it wants to give me a cold. It’s not like I don’t feel crappy every day, getting sick just makes things worse and more complicated.

I skipped an interview. It’s not as bad as it seems, I promise. I got a call Wednesday from the gym I used to work at, but a different location. They called to tell me they were having open interviews Thursday from 12-5p. I looked at the clock a bit before 12 and didn’t want to go right away, then when I thought about it again it was 4:45p. Maybe I got so excited about the idea of a “real” job that I didn’t want to go back. But at this point, a job is a job which gives me a paycheck. I also think that feeling off from this impending cold has made me a little apathetic.

Apathy is a big pain in the ass. I guess part of it is apathy, but I think I have a lot of, maybe, anger? A friend told me last week I deserved a break, for something to go right. And, I don’t know, I don’t feel like anything is going right. I’m overwhelmed. Most days I need a nap my 1p. Most days I’m in too much pain to want to do anything else. Or I’m up all night in the bathroom (or afternoon or morning, but mostly night). I almost feel bullied. Not by anyone else, but by my own body. And being bullied by your body is constant. It’s not like when you’re a kid in grade school where another teases you at recess. It’s all day, day in and day out. And it’s exhausting. It makes me feel like I can’t do anything. School is falling apart because I’m not going, because I feel to sick to go. I don’t have time to deal with my jerk of a body and life. Pharmacy, appointments, meds 4x/day, sickness…it’s a full-time job. My doctor told me my fatigue was normal with the amount of “things going on” in my body and life. But how am I supposed to handle the fatigue AND be able to do everything a productive quasi-adult is supposed to do? There’s too much on my plate and I don’t even have anything on it.

This post kind of sucks. But it’s November and it’s Diabetes, IBD and Manatee Awareness month, so I figured I should probably write something. If you made it this far in the post, thanks..and sorry, haha.

My PCP called…they actually want to re-check my urine before the 3 months is up and it has to be first thing in the morning urine. I told them I’ll pick it up today. I don’t know if I should be worried or not. I think I probably am worried, but not actively. Just in the back of my mind, like the tethering concern. I’m pretty sure that’s due to my plate being to full too. There’s no room for more worry.

I’d really like to just have the time and ability to have a life. I don’t need a full social calendar, just the ability to have a social calendar. I just want a break. I know diabetes and Crohn’s are here for the long haul, but they need to stop being so rowdy and bothersome. And my immune system needs to get its head on straight and stop attacking itself and attack the stupid cold germs I have contracted.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something more positive to say…or at least less cloudy, perhaps even sunny. Oh crap, it’s supposed to be recipe day. Guess you’ll get one on Saturday instead. And hey, there’s nothing negative about yummy food. 🙂

Lessons Learned

Things I learned on Thursday:

There are a large percentage of people who believe it’s acceptable to text while having sex. Texting while sexting! (This was on my co-worker’s, who’s not really a co-worker because I don’t really work there, news radio station this afternoon. I didn’t hear, but she told me. We briefly discussed imagining how this was possible and quickly decided we didn’t need to think about it)

The difference between midgets and dwarfs. (Thanks to Ashley. I know one has proportionate limbs & head…I think midgets. The other has smaller limbs, and I think that’s dwarfism)

I really really should not watch infomercials while I’m on IV pain medication (I managed to order some skin care stuff while I was in the hospital in ID…and they’ve JUST charged my card for refills. I didn’t want refills and really shouldn’t have gotten the first shipment to begin with! NO more infomercial purchases! It was my first, and hopefully last)

Apparently macaroons can help with diarrhea. (This was on Facebook, from a Crohn’s group. It got me started thinking…) Continue reading