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Okay, not that I need to spend much time on this…at all. But WHY do things/people happen?

Please don’t take me as a pessimist, I’m not. I would say an optimistic realist were more fitting.

Personally the whole theory that everything happens for a reason I feel is a cop out. It happened. Not to “teach” you something, not to punish you, not to build character. People and things happen, without reason. It’s your CHOICE to make it something positive. Your CHOICE to learn. Your CHOICE to allow the event/person build character.

Because I like lists:

#1: You should all read Michael J Fox’s book Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

#2: Liz is the best friend you could ask for and I miss her dearly

#3: Crystal is awEsome! Awesome doesn’t even fit, she’s awesome times 312

#4: I’m absolutely freezing

#5: Today I’m getting my very first filling…actually my first 6 – NOT excited…because I don’t like my numbers to be messed up, I’m adding #6 into #5 – Today I will not be disappointed…and if I DO happen to get disappointed please still love me even in my grumpiness


Emphatic Typing – It’s a ReVoLution!

Let the #UrbanAWEsomeness commence. It’s all about RandomCapiTaliZation!!


The Official ReVoLution Theme Song AND Video

(Song/Lyrics courtesy of Blaxy Girls – Revolution)

#UrbanTakeOver FTW!