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This is not going to diabetes or Crohn’s related. Except this…

What the heck is up with diabetes being lowercase and Crohn’s being uppercase because it’s a name?! I always feel like I’m somehow discrediting diabetes. Using “T1” makes me feel a little better, because that’s usually used in uppercase. BUT, then I feel like I’m not appreciated other diabetics.

My other issue is “diabetic”. I’m a diabetic with Crohn’s. What the heck is THAT?! Why isn’t there a Crohn’sic? Or even IBDic…if that didn’t sound so inappropriate I’d probably use it.

Now, because I think I’m entitled, I’m going to take a moment and just be a girl in my mid-twenties…

You all know, or most people do, I have an addiction to dying my hair. It’s an addiction I’m trying to tame.

I love, love, LOVE my current hair color. It would be wonderful to keep this hair color. The problem is…embarrassing, please don’t think less of me for it. It cost $95 for this color. I had a gift card, because a nonexistent income doesn’t budget in such an expensive hair expenditure…or any hair expenditure for that matter.

Now that it has been a few weeks, maybe a month? I don’t remember exactly, I have roots. BLONDE roots. For those of you who do not have naturally blonde hair…light roots with dark hair look ridiculous. It looks like you have a gap between your scalp and your hair. My golden locks are shiny, gold-shiny, below the red/brown color. My color tinting shampoos and conditioners have done almost nothing to resolve this problem. It’s a dark blonde, which is better than light blonde but blonde nonetheless.

I don’t really know what to do. 😦 I want to keep it. I can’t really get rid of it. (because I have no money for that either) Last time I used a box dye I almost lost all my hair. There has to be an option other than getting a buzz cut. Help?